Stealing Trump Delegates – Underhanded, UnAmerican

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Stealing Trump Delegates – Underhanded, UnAmerican

Ken Barten, a Trump delegate in Missouri, contacted us yesterday to let us know that Trump delegates were being stolen. Trump carried the St Louis area District in the March primary. But a slate of Cruz supporters was chosen over any of the Trump delegates.

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Donald Trump – photo by Greg Nash via The Hill

Delegate Theft- Disregarding the “will of the people”

He provided proof in the form of videos taken at the meeting. He also gave us a written story, which you will find  in italics.

“So today I joined a group of patriots and traveled to Herman Missouri to attend the 3rd Congressional District Convention.
Our District went Trump, NOT Cruz…Two things struck me about this day.

First the State Committee recommended that a slate of delegates that was from St Charles County be accepted but it was an inaccurate slate. It should have been rejected at the county caucus but it wasn’t.

The second slate WAS rejected but not the first. The chairman and the credentials committee chose not to reject it (it was a Cruz slate) it was challenged and state decided that their “rules” didn’t matter here and the slate should be accepted.

So with the National GOP talking about “rules are rules” in this case …not so much!  

So the slate was accepted and the 64 Cruz delegates were allowed to participate in today’s events. They talked about how “the will of the people” was respected….

Then there was 3 slates put forward for the national convention…2 of those were ALL Cruz supporters, the third was 5-1 for Trump. With the 64 Cruz bots from St Charles the 1st Cruz slate was victorious.

So a district that was solidly for Donald Trump sent a 100% Cruz slate to represent us voters in the 3rd. 
So the “will of the people” was disregarded by the very folks that we elected to represent our vote. 

Skew the election by any means necessary

In this first video, Cruz supporters admit they made an incorrect slate. When Trump delegates submitted an incomplete slate in another district, it was completely thrown out. Not just a double standard, but an out and out attempt to skew the election result. In this case, the Cruz slate was allowed to stand. Do you think that’s underhanded?

This second video shows the incorrect slate being amended, against RNC rules.

I guess the only thing to be concerned with is that even if Donald Trump has the 1,237 votes needed to secure the nomination, these same people of NO INTEGRITY will try to figure out how they will steal that nomination. Apparently, breaking the rules and stealing is ok now.

Again, I am ashamed of my fellow Republicans and frankly, if you are one of those, you need to take a good look in the mirror, because people who act like that are exactly what we accuse Democrats of being! Please don’t tell me again just how crooked these politicians are, when all they are doing is acting like the voters themselves! We get what we deserve!

The end does not justify the means

The question arises: when the people vote for Trump, and he wins delegates, but the GOP party manages to steal those delegates and give them to Cruz, what does that say about the American political system? Does the end justify the means?


So for you Republicans that still believe that you have a real voice in the GOP you are sadly mistaken!! We are tools for the party, we fund them and vote but the PARTY could care less about what we think or what we want.
I know many of the St Charles delegates and I’m very very disappointed in how the[y] acted and the things that were said with regard to this process.

We have written before about the theft of Trump delegates in Georgia, and the statement of the GOP that the people are irrelevant. With that said, the Republican Party is destined to go the way of the dinosaur.

“If I could not go to heaven but with a party [political], I would not go at all.” Thomas Jefferson


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