State Department Delusion

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State Department Delusion

Calling them “pivotal moments” in foreign policy, Rear Adm John Kirby, State Department Spokesman and former Pentagon Press Secretary, authored a blog with headlines and claimed them as “accomplishments.” The headlines are meant to be “a look at how the United States has helped change the world for the better.”

state department deulsion

John Kirby, State Dept spokesman. Hhoto by Mandel Ngan

He has used the hashtag #2015in5Words. You might want to have a barf-bag handy.

“Diplomatic Relations Re-established With Cuba.” I really hope these aren’t in order by priority, John. If they are, we are in more serious trouble than I thought. Of course the President would open relations with Cuba. They’re Communist, he’s Communist…it’s a shoe-in.

“Winning the Fight against Violent Extremists.” They’re not violent extremists. They’re Islamic terrorists. And the State Department claiming that the White House’s Summit on Countering Violent Extremists is an “accomplishment” is complete and utter nonsense. Many of the countries and leaders invited didn’t show up at all or sent emissaries of little importance.

“Protecting Arctic Climate and Communities.” Wait…he’s listed this as an accomplishment because the U.S. (in specific, John Kerry) Chairs the Arctic Council? Egad.

“Iran Peaceful Nuclear Program Ensured.” Yep we’ve ensured something, but it’s doubtful it has anything to do with “peace.” As the agreement was signed, they chanted “Death to America.” And then proceeded to demand more concessions until the agreement now allows them to inspect their own facilities. Now THAT’s an accomplishment. It’s just not ours.

“Stemming Tide of Ebola Outbreak.”  Yeah, ok, even though it was mostly 2014.

Money Money Money – the following”accomplishments” are all about taxpayer money that YOU will fork over and new regulations that will strangle the life out of America

“Committing to Ambitious Development Goals.” This is the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs).  Be aware, America! These are the Agenda 21 goals adopted by the United Nations.  Obama has pledged our “friendship and  generosity” to accomplish them. Money.

“Open Door to Free Trade.” The Transpacific Trade Partnership. The secretive agreement with Asian nations has been the subject of controversy since it was finally signed in 2015. Money and secrets.

“Strongest Climate Agreement Ever Negotiated.” Obama loves to claim credit for these agreements that are supposed to take care of the world’s problems. Money money money.

The clincher. My personal favorite is this one:

Bringing Peace, Security to Syria.” Yes, you read that right. The State Department blog says that this is an accomplishment for the Obama Administration in 2015. The bottom line is the “push” for an agreement to bring the sides to the negotiating table, and the removal of Bashar al-Assad.

Then there is the fact that most sides in this conflict blame the Obama administration for the conflict – they see him as the creator of ISIS and therefore untrustworthy.

Most of the “accomplishments” are listed because of agreements signed with other nations… much to the chagrin of some in Congress and the American people.  You would think that a Rear Admiral of the United States Navy (Ret.) would have more sense.



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