Starting Georgia Recount as North Carolina, Alaska Called for Trump

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The Georgia recount of ballots for the 2020 Election began on Wednesday, after doing an audit in preparation for it. On Tuesday, North Carolina was called for Trump (The Epoch Times), and Alaska soon followed. Biden’s edge in Arizona has shrunk to razor thin, and may trigger an automatic recount. Now all eyes are on the Georgia recount (Breitbart).

Biden’s lead over the President in the state was only 14,100 votes as of Wednedsay.

“I cannot overstate how important these Trump Campaign lawsuits are to uncovering fraud — systemic fraud in many of these Democrat-machine and controlled cities and states, where the courts are just as corrupt. This is a truly important process that is uncovering decades and decades of fraudulent processes and especially changes in security voting measures in the last few months leading up to the November 3 general election. And the more the Democrat-Party media, the Democrat operatives, and Biden and his mouthpieces squawk, you know the more important this entire effort is. This is a huge undertaking, it is only day 8, and that a full month less than Gore took in 2000 to litigate his bogus cases, which was supported by the media and the Democrats. There’s a great deal of evidence of individual cases of fraud, systemic fraud efforts, and unconstitutional actions by Democrat officials, both elected and appointed (including the PA supreme court).” Mark Levin

The United States has long operated without specific protections against fraud. Many states do not have voter ID laws or have mandaed that no ID be needed, which immediately lends itsef to fraud potential. This election with “extended” deadlines that aren’t legal, massive mail-in ballots, and voting machines that “glitched” to switch votes to Biden, things have become extremely messy.

Voting machines have notoriously been suspect, as many of the big companies that make them have ties to Democrats. Why are they using them at all? Not every state uses them, but after Florida’s “hanging chad” incident in the Bush/Gore election, some states wanted to preclude that happening again.

The flipping of several seats has occurred in what appears to have been more of a red wave than a blue one, which is why the suspicion of fraud exists in the first place.

Two Democrat seats in Idaho State Legislature flipped to Republican, and the voter turnout was over 90%, giving Trump a complete landslide (why we’re called a red state). A Connecticut Republican, Craig Fishbein, won his seat, after it was called for the Democrat, as did Michigan Republican Adam Kochenderfer. (Daily Wire)  They went to bed thinking they lost, and woke up to the fact they actually won. New Hampshire went Republican in both statehouses and Governorship.


Featured photo: Georgia Governor announces hand recount screenshot via WKOW


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