Stabbing in Luther, OK – First Day of School

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Luther, Oklahoma  – A female student was stabbed multiple times at a School Assembly on the first day of classes at Luther High School. School officials saw what appeared to be a boy punching another student, but when teachers intervened, they saw that it was a stabbing.

A 14 year old boy is in custody after stabbing a 14 year old girl 9 to 11 times.  The girl was airlifted to the hospital, and reports say that her condition is “stable.”

Screenshot of lifeflight at Luther High School

Fox25 reported,

Oklahoma County Sheriff spokesman Mark Opgrande confirms that at approximately 8:29 a.m. a 14-year-old female student was stabbed multiple times at Luther High School. Opgrande says the incident occurred during an all-school assembly in the school’s auditorium. During the assembly the suspect stood up and began stabbing the victim. The girl was sent by medical helicopter to an Oklahoma City hospital where she is receiving care.

According to reports, several teachers “jumped” on the suspect and “threw him up against the wall.” The suspect has been taken to the juvenile detention center after being interviewed by police.

The motive is unknown at this point, and the suspect’s relationship to the victim is unknown as well.

Luther high School is one of the first schools in the state of Oklahoma to adopt an armed teacher program, but that policy has not yet been implemented.

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