Stabbing Attack at Victoria Train Station in Manchester, UK

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At around 4 p.m. Eastern Time,  9 p.m. local time on New Years Eve, British police were called to a report of stabbings at the Victoria Train Station in Manchester. Three people were seriously injured, among them a British Transport Police officer. BBC producer Sam Clack was in the area for drinks with friends, and was standing alone on the platform. He stated that he clearly heard the man shout “allah”, and when he tried to get away from the man, he heard, “As long as you keep bombing other countries this sort of s**t is going to keep happening.” Certainly sounds like terrorism.

Counterterrorism police are assisting with the investigation, but they have “not yet confirmed the motive.” [Typical] All trains were shut down as police arrested the suspect. The BBC producer said the first officer who tried to tase the suspect missed, so several officers jumped on him and took him to the ground.

The Daily Mail reported the words of Sam Clack, the BBC producer on scene.

‘It was pretty scary. It was just me on the platform and as I was standing there I heard the most blood-curdling scream I had ever heard from a woman nearby.

‘It looked like there was a fight going on. I heard the guy starting ‘Allah’ distinctly. I didn’t hear the rest of the sentence.’

‘Police very quickly were on the platform and the guy started backing up towards me. And he got to within seven or eight feet of me and was looking around very skittish.

‘I looked down and in his hand I saw that the man had a kitchen knife with a black handle and a long 12-inch blade.

The suspect was videoed shouting “allahu akbar” as he was being arrested, with the photo posted to Snapchat, according to the Mirror Online.

Two of those stabbed, a man and a woman, were transported to the hospital. The BTP officer was stabbed in the shoulder and was also receiving treatment. All injuries are said to be serious, but non-life-threatening.

The scheduled New Years Eve fireworks displays went on as planned.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Twitter

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