St Louis Couple Defends Their Property

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A St Louis couple defended their property against about 300 protesters after the protesters breached a gate in the couple’s neighborhood on Sunday.

The protesters were on their way to Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home to complain about her releasing the names and addresses of those who want to defund police, which has prompted calls for her resignation. The protesters, upon being confronted with angry gun owners, moved back into the street to avoid further issues. Only…part of the issue was their presence on a private street.

Mark McCloskey and Patricia McCloskey are a husband and wife attorney team. The St Louis couple own an opulent mansion in Lindell Avenue in St Louis…a private street in the CWE – Central West End.

Defending private property

The streets in this area are PRIVATE, according to a Reddit user 3 years ago (emphasis mine):

“Actually, no. They are private streets and so trespassing (which is what you’re doing if you walk around on their property which includes the street and sidewalk) isn’t permitted.

My brother lives in one of those big houses on Lindell that backs to those neighborhood. My 74 year old white mother pushing my 2 yr old niece in a $400 stroller was told to leave by security. When she said she thought the Lindell houses were part of the neighborhood, she was informed she was wrong and again told to leave.

Private just means private, I guess.”


As expected, liberals are throwing a fit on social media, calling it “brandishing.” They doxxed the couple, publishing their address for the world to see and relabeled it as “public bathroom.” And then there were the threats and demands for the St Louis Couple to be arrested for menacing or brandishing. The ridicule was vicious as people claimed the man pointed his AR at his wife, and the wife pointed her semi-auto handgun at the protesters.

A review of the video does appear to show the male pointing his weapon in the direction of the wife – however he does NOT have his finger on the trigger. The wife, on the other hand, probably needs to revisit training, as she appears to have her finger on the trigger during the altercation.

@bartbell435 – is that a threat? Sure sounds like one.

While the libs on Twitter all claimed it was illegal to brandish a weapon, they overlooked one major area: the protesters walked through a PRIVATE gate to access the neighborhood. The sign at the gate says, “Access Limited to Residents.” Most of those neighborhoods have private security, but since it was Sunday, the guards may have been off duty.

The St Louis couple did not come off their property at any time. The protesters were trespassing. Did the McCloskey’s over react? Could be, but considering the media coverage of other BLM protests gone wild, they were simply attempting to protect their property.

Featured photo: screenshot via Daniel Shular


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