SPLC says these Army Bases are Confederate Monuments and Must Come Down

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The SPLC – Southern Poverty Law Center prides itself on standing up against hate. Yet they believe that three Army Bases are Confederate monuments. They said the the bases will inspire more hate and bloodshed if activists don’t take them down: Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, and Fort Benning. All are named after Confederate Military Leaders.

We wrote previously about one lawmaker saying that they should be renamed.

Military Bases Named After Confederates- One Lawmaker Wants to Rename Them all

But this time the SPLC has literally taken aim at the US Army. They didn’t say anything about “renaming” them, they advocated actually taking them down.

That may not end the way they think it will end.

“More than 1,500 Confederate monuments stand in communities like Charlottesville with the potential to unleash more turmoil and bloodshed. It’s time to take them down.”

So to put some things in perspective here, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a shill for George Soros. You heard that correctly. His organization “Open Society” is a funder of the SPLC.

There is a list of Open Society funding – pages and pages of organizations at “Discover the Networks.”

The SPLC is currently being sued by  the Family Research Council for describing it as a “hate group” based solely on its stance against gay marriage. I’ve personally never heard of the FRC running around with masks and sticks and pepper spray to make their points.

They view anyone they disagree with as “extremist.” They view all patriot groups as “extremist” no matter whether the group has done good things for the citizens of the United States or not.

And by the way, 400 Fort Hood soldiers are at this moment helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey with no thought of the race of those they rescue. All these leftists need to let go of the agendas.

So its no surprise that they want the Army bases “taken down.” When the Army Times did a survey, they found that the vast majority of soldiers didn’t want to rename their facilities. Gee, that must mean the facilities have to be “taken down.” Doesn’t that sound extremist to you?

If they continue to inspire alt-leftists to violence- particularly against Military facilities- they will find themselves in a world of hurt.

  • Jessie Smith

    The SPLC used to be a good organization but now they have got the “Big Head” and think they are Gods over all the races in the country and they know best.

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