In Spite of Liberal Indoctrination in Schools, There is Hope for America

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Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children receives numerous letters and emails from students across the country, explaining to us about liberal indoctrination in their classes. The letters and emails all say the same thing: any opposing opinion is shut down. Liberals are “tolerant” of nothing, and if you happen to disagree with them, it will immediately get ugly. But there is yet hope for America when these awesome students refuse to buy into the liberal hogwash.
The news media
“I am a student at … university currently enrolled as a communications major. Today I entered my public speaking class sat down looked at the board and for the class schedule it said Fake News. Now this is already a subject that in our society is so present and problematic. Class starts and the professor hands out this paper  generalizing news outlets and their credibility.
I had a feeling how this was going to go so I prepared to keep my mouth shut. My teacher starts teaching telling us how the chart was a very accurate representation of the media today. She goes on to tell us that sources like CNN are reputable and how Fox News is a very unreliable source. She then goes on to state that sources like MSNBC, CNN, NPR are totally reliable and networks like Fox push biased agendas on us like gun control and don’t allow first amendment to be freely practiced.
She stated that the right is full of people that make up their news and fill the the world with lies. How come cnn isn’t all the way on the left. [The student asked] She became ignorant and nasty when the question arose as if she herself were payed by the Clintons to endorse how credible liberal media was.
A student in the class raised his hand and said it is generally people from the south that are racist and support the second amendment. This appalled me and was a statement that is contradictory. The teacher was pushing for more talk on the second amendment and when I insisted or opposed an opinion as well as other students it was shut down.
The teacher completely disregarded any opinion that was to provide input in the discussion. The fact that this a paid university professor selling me and my fellow classmates LIES is disgusting and disgraceful. I should be able to express my first amendment through my speech instead of my views be shit on all for the sake of a teachers argument.”
And this student is by no means alone. The liberal propaganda machine is hard at work attempting to undermine the nation. Here’s another example:
“Hi I’m 16 and a junior in high school. My teacher passed out an article 3 minutes ago and the first line reads  ‘we all know that the world is going to hell. Given the rising risk of nuclear war with North Korea, paralysis in congress, warfare in Yemen and Syria, atrocities in Myanmar and a president who who may be going cuckoo.’  Liberal propaganda.”
This student is exactly correct- it’s liberal propaganda. The trend appears to be make sure the students are shut down, don’t let them express their opinions, and hopefully they’ll finally shut up. But these teachers aren’t teaching, they are preaching.
“Today in class I received two stories in which I had to read and annotate, one for banning guns and one against. However both stories seemed to be for banning guns anyway this is how I felt about it.”
This student’s “annotations” were awesome. There are students in different schools all over the nation who aren’t stupid enough to believe the liberal agenda. Teachers are supposed to teach, not preach their left wing agenda. But in all of these situations, we see hope for America!
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