Southern Pride Parade – In Defiance of Erasing History

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Ocala, Florida – The 17 mile Southern Pride parade had an 8 mile long, 1,500 vehicle/bike convoy of Confederate Battle Flag supporters on Sunday. At least six shots were fired in protest of the parade, but no one was injured.

“I Ain’t Coming Down” – the defiant message on this Confederate flag

“That flag has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people. It doesn’t symbolize hate unless you think it’s hate – and that’s your problem, not mine.” David Stone, 38, ride organizer

Southern Pride

Around 4,500 people came to the ride from as far away  as California. Their purpose? To protest the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from government buildings across the south. They were led through Ocala by a replica of the General Lee car from the Dukes of Hazzard.


This replica of the General Lee led the riders along the 17 mile parade route.

A last minute change was made to the route of the parade, which would have taken them through a predominantly Black neighborhood where people were seriously opposed to the ride. The shots that were fired occurred at the beginning of the parade, near the Livestock pavilion. Residents of that area insisted they didn’t do it and blamed the parade participants. Police stated that the event was largely peaceful.

In Florida, a demand was made by a Marion County administrator to remove the Confederate flag from the Ocala government complex. That decision was overturned by cooler heads in the county government.


The Daily Mail reported,

But supporters of the flag claim it is an honorable symbol of regional pride – a mark of respect for Southern soldiers who died in the American Civil War. 

‘A backlash is beginning,’ said Ben Jones, a spokesman for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which represents 30,000 descendants of Confederate soldiers. ‘We are putting flags out. Everyone time one is taken down, we put five or six of them up.’ 

Southern soldiers were officially listed as veterans in 1958 by act of US Congress. Denying them dignity solves nothing, and destroys the fabric of history.


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  • Cheryl Cox

    9701 103rd St.

  • Cheryl Cox

    We had a Rebal Flag drive in Jacksonville, Florida was 7 miles long. The South means business when it comes to our Rebal Battle Flag. It's our Heritage, roots & mostly everyone had an ansister in this war. It's Freedom not Racist. And better yet the North stands with us. It was between the North & South not Black & White. Get a History lesson we must learn from it not bretend it didn't happen it's History & History can't be changed ! God Bless !

  • mcm collection

    Yep, and If my aunt had balls she be my uncle. Whats you point? I allowed to philosophize about whatever I goddamn please. I know that majority of what I say goes against reddit hyper secular euphoric atheist hivemind, but whatever, half of you guys are depressed and suicidal anyway, why would I want to think like you? I like being an individual. I don need a peer reviewed scientific publication to be open minded to ideas that don sit well with the mainstream western scientific community.overview for Pixelated
    mcm collection

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