South Carolina Vandals Torch 21 American Flags at Veterans Cemetery

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South Carolina vandals torched 21 American Flags on July 4th at a local veterans cemetery in Anderson. Every year, the McDougald Funeral Home displays the 4’x6′ flags on patriotic holidays in the veterans area of the local cemetery. This year, when they all went home on July 3, someone piled up the flags on 8 ft poles and burned them (Blue Lives Matter).

That is NOT “freedom of speech.”

Screenshot via WYFF4

The McDougald Funeral home has been in existence for 85 years, and for a great deal of the time, they have flown the flags to honor the veterans. Workers returned on July 5th to find that South Carolina vandals had the burned flags.

“We’ve put flags out for as long as I can remember. We’ve never had a problem.” Jess McDougald

“On the night of July the 4th, someone pulled up 21 American Flags that lined the roadway to our Veteran’s Mausoleum and had the nerve to burn them, yes burn them, on the lawn in the cemetery right in front of where our Veteran’s and their families rest in peace.” McDougald Funeral Home on Facebook

Damage has been estimated at around $1,260, which would make it a felony in most states. They did not damage the gravesites.

“We can replace the flags, it’s just the hurt of those families who have had people buried there and to find they had burned 21 flags, it really disappoints you. We have always embraced and honored our veterans and it’s something we feel is important.” Jess McDougald to WHNS.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is searching for the suspects. There was no surveillance video of the cemetery.

We all have a problem now. This was not an act of “freedom of speech.” This was wanton destruction of not only someone else’s property, but the symbol of freedom for those who lay down their lives to defend it.

Would our forefathers have tolerated such actions? Not likely. They weren’t playing stupid games. They were fighting for their lives.

Featured photo – screenshot via FoxCarolina

  • Jake

    I live about 25 minutes from where this happened, and it makes my blood boil! Sorry ass mother fuckers! Scumbag pieces of shit! South Carolina has been my home my entire life. It has always been a very patriotic state until all the fucktard liberals started moving here! Get the fuck out of state. Actually get the fuck out of my country! You commie fucking cock suckers! Nobody wants or fucking needs you here! This was not a protest or an act of freedom of speech! This flat out fucking disgusting destruction of private property and the honor of the service men and women laid to rest there! I hope you sorry fucks get what’s coming to you!

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