South African Genocide- Murdering, Ravaging White Farmers

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A few days ago, we wrote about the leader of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, calling for blacks to take any land they happen to like. But what we didn’t tell you was that they are systematically murdering white farmers. It’s South African Genocide.

The following portion of an email was received on March 10 from a person in South Africa:

“February 2017 is labeled locally as “the bloodiest month ever” in this regard.
My family became part of the senseless statistics, when we lost my beloved brother only 6 days ago in such a murder when 5 to 7 armed black men gained access to his heavily secured small holding in Pretoria, Gauteng province.
The white people in our beloved country have become targets and of hatred, fueled by an immoral, corrupt to the core government, who plans to change our constitution so that white owned land can be confiscated without compensation.” L in South Africa

It’s not just about confiscation of the land. There is nothing “peaceful” about their attacks. The corrupt system in South Africa places the generic title of “transformation” on their hate. They want whites gone. Dead.

Unfortunately, the difference is that whites in South Africa are only about 9% of the population. The South African government won’t help, because they are tied to the ANC- African National Congress, a Communist organization. They have refused to even debate the issue because “it’s of no interest.”

An article in fromtheold in 2010 states:

Then there is the case where people from the “young communist league” shouted “kill the boer, kill the farmer” (in their own language) outside Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School. This blatant racism continues in South Africa and some racism goes under the guise of “transformation”.

South Africa Today reported on March 2, 2017,

The month of February 2017 will forever be remembered by the Farming community of South Africa as one of the most brutal and bloody months thus far under ANC rule. Over the past 20 years, our people have been murdered on farms at an average rate of 1 every 5 days. This month it escalated to a murder every 43 hours and a farm attack every 15 hours.

15 People were murdered on South African farms this month and dozens more were beaten, tortured, raped, shot and stabbed, but survived. As we speak, two men, Johan Meyer and Dave Hough, are fighting for their lives in hospital and two women are dealing with the pain and humiliation of being raped by gangs of black attackers.

The world has turned a blind eye to the horror, as they do in every case of genocide. When all the white farmers are gone, the food supply of South Africa will also disappear. South Africa’s white farmers, and even the white city dwellers, will be a blip in the history books.

Read more about this issue at the Facebook Page for Stop Farm Attacks in South Africa. Warning, some of the photos on that page are quite graphic.


Featured photo via South Africa Today – photos of crosses that signify the number of white farmers killed. The other photos from StopFarmAttacks are victims who did not die, but were severely ravaged by some of the black gangs who attacked their property.

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