SOTU Response Highlights Democrat Hypocrisy

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In Lee Greenwood’s song, “God Bless the USA”, the refrain most often repeated is, “I’m proud to be an American.” Although that sentiment is first and foremost for many people, I’ve always considered it to be a distant second to, “I’m fortunate to be an American.” But Democrat hypocrisy on the subject comes to the forefront after the SOTU.

Journey to Freedom

I’m fortunate because my ancestors, who came here from four different countries on three different continents were looking for better lives and took the steps necessary to achieve them. Were they living in those countries today, I’m certain they would embark on the same journeys that brought them to America so many years ago. In spite of their disparate backgrounds, they all emigrated to the United States because they knew that to achieve better lives, they needed something that was difficult, or impossible to find in their native countries – opportunity.

Since its founding, the United States of America has been a beacon of opportunity. No other country in the world has ever provided the opportunities for religious and economic freedom, empowered by freedom of speech and expression. That has been the calling card that has attracted millions of immigrants.

The freedoms emblazoned on that calling card have enabled those immigrants and their descendants the opportunity to try, to fail and most importantly to succeed in achieving the better life they sought. These are the same freedoms that many now eagerly toss aside in exchange for government hand-outs and entitlements.

Democrat hypocrisy- Focusing on the failures

It is clear from their reaction to Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech that liberals think that the fruits of freedom revered by previous generations, have soured, or exist solely to now be given to those who haven’t earned them. And they apparently regard citizens who have used opportunity to achieve success, as being the enemy of everyone who has tried for success and failed, or never tried at all. The recurring theme of the platform listed on the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) web site is “tax the rich”, which seems to be the liberal solution to every economic challenge.

The liberal response to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign has been that America has always been great. Yet, they rallied behind a former president who spent more time apologizing for America than all presidents in history combined. That isn’t to say that the United States is without problems, however, when your whole focus is on failures, and you rarely laud successes, the country’s image becomes less than great.

Democrats don’t want the things we want

A State of the Union address always includes showy demonstrations following many of the talking points. President Trump’s SOTU speech was no different, with many members of the audience rising and applauding in response to those talking points. What was most telling is that Democrats in attendance did not stand up for or applaud mentions of increased border security, the American flag, the national anthem, low black and Hispanic unemployment or merit-based immigration.

Clearly, the Democrat focus is on denigrating or obstructing any plans or programs offered by Republicans in general, and the president in particular, without regard to any benefit they might provide. That is clear not only from their conduct at the SOTU address, but from their own position statements, which include a call to fight President Trump and Republicans attached to virtually every plank in their platform.

The hypocrisy of those statements is mind-numbing considering that the DNC prefaces its current platform with the statement, “Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls.” While those words may give rise to warm and fuzzy feelings, the reality is that, by their actions, Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict if you do things our way, unity is better than division if you unify on our agenda, empowerment is better than resentment if you empower us to get what we want, and bridges are better than walls if they bring you to our side of the debate.

While the foregoing may read as a refutation of all things Democrat, it is not. It is an indictment of the current Democrat leadership. Bringing different ideas into a conversation, with an honest desire to build a consensus, can only help in the creation of solutions. The country needs Democrats, Republicans, Independents and undecideds. But regardless of political orientation, it needs people who have an honest desire to work together to develop the best outcomes for the issues facing the country. Unfortunately, in spite of the desire to work together expressed by President Trump, the response of Democrat leaders, both at the SOTU address and in subsequent actions, appears to be to go off in a corner and sulk, if they can’t put up roadblocks.


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