Son of Murdered Terre Haute Officer Gets Special Escort to School

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Terre Haute, Indiana – Blue Lives Matter reported that five year old Dakota Pitts was apprehensive about going back to school Monday after his father, Terre Haute officer Rob Pitts, was killed in the line of duty. So he asked his mother if a police officer could take him to school because he didn’t want to go alone. He needn’t have worried…he definitely was not alone.

Seventy officers and some of their families showed up to greet him at the school, according to WNDU. They lined the sidewalk as he was coming in, as well as inside the school and applauded him as he entered.

The SWAT team gave him his very own t-shirt with his father’s #196 on it as he went inside. He was wearing his father’s badge around his neck that morning. It was a moment that the 5 year old will never forget. But it’s also a moment that is part and parcel for law enforcement across the nation: taking care of their own.

Dakota receives a SWAT t-shirt  – screenshot via WNDU

“It’s a brotherhood; it’s not like any other job you’re going to have. Guys are close, you form bonds that you wouldn’t form in a different profession. When somebody’s in need, we go, especially for a fallen officer and his kid.” Terre Haute Detective Les Hamm

Officer Rob Pitts was killed at around 6:30 p.m. on May 4 as he and other officers were participating in a homicide investigation that had occurred earlier in the day. As they approached an apartment building, a gunman opened fire from the second floor and hit Officer Pitts. Even though he was rushed tot he hospital, he died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Police returned fire, striking the suspect. The suspect barricaded himself in the apartment. When police finally entered the 2nd floor apartment through the use of a ladder at about 9:20 p.m., the suspect died from gunshot wounds received in the initial contact.

R.I.P. Officer Rob Pitts

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