Some Republicans Sell Out to the Left as Florida House and Senate Pass Anti-Second Amendment Legislation

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This week, the Florida House and Senate passed gun control legislation that strips Second Amendment rights from 18 to 20-year olds by raising the minimum age to buy a firearm to 21. The measure places a mandatory three-day waiting period on gun purchases, adding an extra layer of government bureaucracy, something true conservatives oppose.

Joining their liberal Democrat colleagues in support of unnecessary rules for law-abiding citizens are Florida Governor Rick Scott, Florida Senate President Joe Negron, and Florida Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran.

Not long ago, these Republicans were friends of the NRA and gun-owners, but now we understand that with increased pressure from the crusading radical left, they’re willing to ditch the Second Amendment for political convenience.

While some flip-flopping, Florida Republicans caved to gun control political pressure from the left, Adam Putnam has always stood by our constitutional Second Amendment rights.

Growing up possessing firearms, Putnam learned the important responsibilities of being a law-abiding gun owner. From an early age, he learned how to respect firearms and use them safely.

From the outset of this gun control proposal, Putnam strongly opposed any measure that prevented young adults from being able to learn proper gun safety. Here’s what Adam had to say in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times:

“I can’t support any policy or any law that destroys the family tradition of possessing and practicing safe use of firearms. I can’t imagine that a state that has done so much to encourage youth hunter safety would outlaw the purchase of any and all firearms by someone under 21.”

After this strong statement showing he won’t negotiate when it comes to the Constitution, the NRA tweeted out their support for Adam’s defense of our liberties.

Thanks to establishment Republican leadership in Tallahassee – Scott, Negron, and Corcoran – pushing aggressive liberal gun control legislation, unyielding conservatives like Adam Putnam have an uphill battle in fighting the forces of civil disarmament – but we’re not giving up.

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