Some Hawaii Lawmakers Introduce Resolution to Repeal 2A. Answer? H*** No, We Won’t Give Up Our Guns.

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A few Hawaii lawmakers have decided that all this dealing with individual gun laws is not good, so they’ve introduced a resolution to repeal 2A. Now, resolutions are not binding, but the very fact that they introduced it at all tells us that their intention is clear: they want total disarmament for individual citizens.

Senate Concurrent Resolution #42 reads in part:

BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Thirtieth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2019, the House of Representatives concurring, that the United States Congress is urged to propose and adopt a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution pursuant to article V of the United States Constitution to clarify the constitutional right to bear arms; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the United States Congress is requested to consider and discuss whether the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution should be repealed or amended to clarify that the right to bear arms is a collective, rather than individual, constitutional right; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this Concurrent Resolution be transmitted to the President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Members of the Hawaii congressional delegation, and the Governor.

Remember all those anti-gunners who claimed they “don’t want to take your guns?” Sure. They lied.

How could they possibly get an amendment through to repeal the 2nd? They’ve proposed using Article 5 of the constitution to repeal the 2nd. Article 5 is the process for creating amendments to the constitution.

The Hawaii Gun Coalition is extremely unhappy. They posted on their FB page:

We don’t want to ban guns they say.

Hawaii state legislators are proposing using article 5 of the United States constitution to repeal or ammend (sic) the second amendment to remove the individual right to bear arms.

5 legislators have signed a senate resolution to have the state of Hawaii request congress to discuss repealing the second amendment.

So now we finally hear the truth. They are coming for our guns.

So who are these traitors legislators ?

Senator Stanley Chang
Senate District 9
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 226
phone: 808-586-8420
fax: 808-586-8426

Senator Karl Rhoads
Senate District 13
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 204
phone: 808-586-6130
fax: 808-586-6131

Senator Rosalyn H. Baker
Senate District 6
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 230
phone: 808-586-6070
fax: 808-586-6071

Senator Dru Mamo Kanuha
Senate District 3
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 206
phone: 808-586-9385
fax: 808-586-9391

Senator Laura H. Thielen
Senate District 25
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 231
phone: 808-587-8388
fax: 808-587-7240

Here’s what these foolish legislators seem to not take into account: none of us will give up our guns. These kind of actions from a legislative body actually PROVE why we must have the 2nd Amendment for an individual’s right to bear arms. No law enforcement agency in their even semi-right mind wants to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens – to do so would be extremely hazardous to their health. (ESPECIALLY on a national level).

There are at least 350 million firearms in the United States. These idiot legislators must be calling for civil war. This resolution gives us all understanding when we wrote about the intentional trashing of pro-gun testimony on recent bills. There are people out there who either long for a bloody civil war, or they are totally clueless.

  • Aaron Harrington

    I dont think they (anti-arms fuckin retards) realize exactly what they are asking for. I am without doubt that talking about socialism, combined with repealing the very core of our constitution at the same time, is dangerous, careless, and seriously provocitive. Regardless of how these people think they could possibly carry this out, even with complete support of the president (which they do not have) and the house, and the senate, every army on the planet combined, and i do mean all of them, including our own, wouldnt stand a chance against 70+ million legal gun owners, not to mention, all of illegal gun owners, and more than 350 million fire arms. That would last about a week, a lot of innocent people would be hurt and killed, and the devastation would be catostrophic. Once it reaches that level of civil resistance, i have no doubt the all of these democrats that are on the socialism, repeal 2A train would be physically removed, and probabley killed outright, the 100% corrupt government that is currently standing would be demolished, and we would have to start new (probabley be for the best). I think that pushing good decent people into a situation where even the best of us feel that violence is the only response that is left is gonna be a real bad idea, i know i am only one opinion on the matter, but i believe i am 1 of 70+ million that will respond to such an act of supression. They really, really should do some soul searching, and realize how suicidle this idea is, if they come to my house looking for trouble, there is no roubt in my mind they will find it…

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