Somali Immigrant Charged in Mall of America Stabbing

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Two people were stabbed at the Macy’s store in Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota on November 12. The perpetrator was identified as a Somali immigrant named Mahad Abdiaziz Abdirahaman. He has been charged with two counts of First Degree Assault.

The suspect attempted to steal from a men’s dressing room as the man was trying on clothes outside the room. When he was confronted, he stabbed him. As other family members rushed to his aid, the suspect stabbed another person. One person was stabbed in the back, the other stabbed multiple times. According to authorities, their injuries are not life-threatening.

The New York Post reported,

It happened around 6:45 p.m. in the men’s department of Macy’s, which is not far from the Santa Experience at the mall in Bloomington, Minnesota.

What started as a simple theft quickly escalated into a violent, multi-victim incident after the would-be thief was caught stealing from two men inside a fitting room.

Speaking at a news briefing Sunday night, Bloomington police officials described how the suspect sneaked into the men’s room — as they were modeling outfits for friends outside — and tried to swipe some of their belongings.

The pair attempted to stop him, prompting the man to pull a knife. He stabbed them both before being brought down and subdued by other shoppers, cops said.

Witnesses stated the suspect was talking to himself loudly prior to the attacks. No one reported what was being said.

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