So You Want Our Troops in Syria? Here’s Something to Think About

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All of you who want our troops in Syria are you ready to deal with the claims of chemical exposure five years from now? Will the VA deny them their benefits? Will all of these high brass stand up for them and defend their claims? Will the media ignore their plea? Will our politicians who were so quick to send them to war turn their backs on them? Or will they let them die one by one until finally our Govt approves their exposure as a disease?


I ask these questions to all of you because time and time again our Veterans have systematically been massacred by the same government who’s supposed to take care of them. Chemical exposures like Agent Orange & Gulf War syndrome come to mind. Hundreds of thousands veterans have died already over these effects and it took thousands more to die for our own government to finally admit that these veterans actually deserved benefits.

If you do want us to stay in Syria, I want your name. I will remember your name so when that day comes I can tell you the blood is on your hands. Everyone loves to see our brothers and sisters fighting in some god-forsaken hell hole for no damn reason except globalist greed, but they never do shit for them when they come home. The brass is well fed, taken care off, 100% for everything – but those NCOS, those LCPLs, the backbone of every infantry unit, those guys are expendable and none of you will remember their names.

Think about it. There’s a lot at stake for more than just Syria or any other Middle East country – it’s about the troops, the veterans. What will happen to them in the next five years of exposure to burn pits, chemical weapons, all of it?


  • Jd

    Wow most of this article seems true these men and women all signed up knowing what they were giving to their country as did I that’s what they’re doing everything they signed up for so stop bitching about them being able to do what they wanted I enjoyed being shot at and having ship blow up around me some people get off on that kind of stuff

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