Snowflake Meltdown Over Harry Potter Mural

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OK it’s time for all the little snowflakes (of every ethnicity and color) to grow up and stop being whiners that hide in their “safe spaces” when someone “triggers” their little sensitive minds. A student at the University of Wisconsin La-Crosse filed a complaint about a mural painted on the wall of Laux Residence Hall. The student activated the school’s “hate response team” over the mural of Neville Longbottom, a character from the “Harry Potter” series.


Time to grow up

It’s a fictional character. Seriously. A fictional character “triggered” this student. Sigh.

Heat Street reported,

The mural, in the Laux Residence Hall, depicts Neville Longbottom, a character from the Harry Potter films. The nerdy Neville was played by actor Matthew Lewis, who blossomed into a notable hunk post-puberty. The mural shows him as both a geeky boy and an attractive young man — transformed, according to the mural’s caption, by a stay at the Laux Residence Hall itself.

The depiction of this metamorphosis “represents our ideal society and everything I am trying to fight against,” wrote the offended student, whose name is redacted. “It represents white power. Man power. Cis power. Able power. Class power. ECT [sic] ect. I am angry that I know the people who put this mural up, and I am anger [sic] because I know the people who let this mural be put up. Like I said earlier, maybe I am being a little sensitive, but it is how I feel. This represents, to me, our society, and I do not want it up on this wall. Why do we need a BEFORE and AFTER?”

Note: ‘cis’ is someone who identifies as the gender they’re born with.

“Maybe I’m being a little sensitive.” Ya think?

The snowflake syndrome- unique but easily melted

Our colleges/Universities are filled with people who are way too easily offended. They’re afraid of anything and everything. Even debates in which someone might bring up any kind of subject, people have to have a “trigger warning. That has created a generation that has not one ounce of inner strength, but a whopping big ability to complain.

Like at tonight’s Presidential debates, for example.

harry potter

This warning sign is up at the site of tonight’s Presidential debate.

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