Sniper Targeting Cars On Michigan Highways

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A Sunday drive in the country sure ‘ain’t’ what it used to be. That’s especially true if you live near Battle Creek, Michigan. Since July, drivers along I-94 and I-69 near Battle Creek, Michigan – cereal capital of the world – have suffered gun fire damage to their vehicles.

sniper targeting cars

Damage to a pickup window from possible sniper- screenshot via ABC news

A sniper targeting cars

At least 6 cars have been damaged with ‘bullet-like marks’ according to police, while traveling along the rural highways. Police, never to let the obvious elude them, report it’s possible a sniper is behind the reported damage.


According to CNN,

“Tests from one of the investigations confirmed the damage found on one car was consistent with a bullet. Law enforcement said that other cases also likely resulted from the use of a weapon.”

So far no one has been injured by the gunfire. The reported vehicle damage has occurred during both day and night times. Hoping to gather additional information and clues, police have taken to the air with helicopter and plane surveillance along the heavily traveled interstate routes.

Asking the public to report any suspicious activity and/or damage to their vehicles, police also warn drivers ‘Not To Stop’ along the highway, but to exit and call 911 from a public location.

Not the First Time

Most of us can remember the infamous D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo that terrified the metropolitan D.C. area including Virginia and Maryland for almost 3 weeks. But did you know about Raulie Casteel?

In 2012, metropolitan Detroit drivers were guarded in their travels. At least 23 cars were shot by Casteel before he was caught. Casteel was convicted for his sniper activity and is currently serving 18-40 years for his crime.

Police need help

It is important to contact Michigan authorities immediately if you believe the sniper has shot at your car. If you see any suspicious behavior along the highways, report it immediately.

Of course, Detroit drivers will need to identify all existing bullet holes in their vehicles to properly identify any new bullet holes from the Battle Creek sniper.

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