Six Saudis Detained After NAS Pensacola Shooting

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Six Saudis detained after the NAS Pensacola shooting, three of them were accused of filming the incident as it unfolded. The shooter, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, was reportedly a member of the Saudi military. He was in the country since 2017, and enrolled in English, basic aviation, and initial pilot training.

Filming a terror attack?

Alshamrani was identified by SITE- a group which monitors jihadist activity. He posted on Twitter:

“I’m against evil, and America as a whole has turned into a nation of evil…I’m not against you for just being American, I don’t hate you because your freedoms, I hate you because every day you supporting, funding and committing crimes not only against Muslims but also humanity.” Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani

Wow, perhaps he should take a gander at his native country before hating on us.

Former Florida Governor and now Senator Rick Scott has called for a full review of the policy that allows foreign nationals to train in the US. (Breitbart)

“I’m very concerned that the shooter in Pensacola was a foreign national training on a US base. Today, I’m calling for a full review of the US military programs to train foreign nationals on American soil. We shouldn’t be providing military training to people who wish us harm.” Senator Rick Scott

The Daily Wire reported,

“Major news organizations are now reporting the information that we began to learn earlier this morning that it was a Saudi Arabian military official in Pensacola, in our community for training, who committed these murderous acts and this terrible, terrible violence at NAS Pensacola… I think it’s important for us to know a little bit about why Saudi Arabian officials are in our community…This event represents a serious failure in the vetting process and in the way in which we invite these people into our community.

So today, as we learn more as the investigation continues to unfold … I’m going to be very active in working with the Department of Defense and the Department of State to ensure that we have extreme vetting for the people that come into our country on our bases and in our communities.”


Featured photo: Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani


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