Silencing Sean Hannity – Truth Doesn’t Matter

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Liberals are attempting to silence Sean Hannity, and in particular over the Seth Rich murder case. Fox removed an article about the death of Seth Rich, calling it a “conspiracy theory.” The Hill even called it a “debunked conspiracy theory”- which it is not. Seven advertisers have pulled their ads from the Hannity show. As of Thursday morning, Fox News says Sean will stay with the network. For how long?

Sean Hannity believes he is close to the truth in Rich’s death. Liberals have pulled out all the stops in a blatant attempt to get him fired.

When the “sex assault” allegations against him failed and were proven to be false, the liberals started another campaign. Media Matters is a liberal group run by a man named David Brock (who was mentioned numerous times in the Wikileaks releases…oh wait…those were allegedly done by Seth Rich who was murdered…never mind. It’s just a “conspiracy theory” right?). They have pushed hard for advertisers to drop Hannity.

Remember this statement:

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Saul Alinsky

You may or may not know that Rupert Murdoch turned the network over to his two sons, James and Lachlan …who are both liberals.  It has been alleged that their wives helped oust Bill O’Reilly. Conservatives may be an endangered species there in the future.


And so Sean Hannity continues the fight in the midst of the lies of the left. Carry on, Sean. Your fans will create an even bigger uproar if anything happens to you.


Questions: Why have the Washington DC police not found any suspects in the Seth Rich Murder case? They claim they are working on it, but have not released the autopsy nor any other information.

The DNC was quick to hop on the “conspiracy theory” angle. Wouldn’t they want to know if someone in their ranks had hired a hit man? Or do they already know…

Why would Wikileaks offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to his killer if they had no contact with him? The former DC Detective who was assigned to dig into his death says there was evidence that he was the leaker of information.

Have Seth Rich’s family members been silenced as well? Were they threatened?  Some news reports say that they don’t want Hannity’s investigation into the death because it “politicizes” it, yet other family members he has spoken to do.

It appears that to the liberals, truth doesn’t matter. It’s cover-their-rear-end time.


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