Silencing Assange Won’t Silence Wikileaks

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Since we reported yesterday that likely Ecuador had cut the internet connection of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange, we have learned a few new things. Ecuador did indeed cut his access… because John Kerry asked Ecuador not to publish any more Clinton documents  during the “FARC peace negotiations.”


Why is this a lie?

The rebel group FARC – The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-  has used safe havens in Ecuador for decades, but their primary battlefield has been Colombia. Colombia and FARC have  been at war for over 50 years.

In a peace agreement agreed to in September 2016, the war came to an end. The people of Colombia rejected the peace deal on October 2 by a slim margin, but the rebels believe the peace deal, or a version of it, will hold in spite of that. President Santos extended the cease fire to December 31 while they work out a few details.

Why would Wikileaks’ Clinton releases have anything whatsoever to do with Colombia’s negotiations? Or Ecuador? They wouldn’t. The only connection is the attempt by the Clinton campaign and our government to silence Julian Assange to protect Hillary Clinton from any more releases. The idea that his internet is only cut off “during the peace negotiations” is laughable. They got to the Ecuadorian government, and the premise is a lie.

According to some internet sites, Kerry threatened Ecuador with “grave consequences” if they didn’t cut off his internet. That kind of intimidation would be consistent with typical Democrat tactics.

The good thing is that the releases have continued even though Assange is cut off for now.

Meanwhile, the Clinton News Network

CNN yesterday also tried to silence Wikileaks by telling American citizens that it is illegal for anyone except CNN to look up information in Wikileaks releases. They tried to tell people that anything that in the releases they need to learn from “us” meaning the mainstream media. That’s cow manure as well.


By Cancillería del Ecuador –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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