Shooting at Oxford Circus Subway Station? Terror Attack False Alarm

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Fear gripped Londoners at the Oxford Circus Subway Station as numerous reports of a shooting surfaced. It created a panic as passengers ran for cover to nearby businesses, and police responded to the incident as if it were a terror attack. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm.

It is unclear what prompted the initial calls about shots fired, but police took no chances and responded en masse. Thus far, only one injured person was reported to paramedics, a woman who was slightly injured in the resulting stampede.

After police arrived, they were unable to locate any attacker or evidence that there had been one. England has experienced two major attacks this year, which has left the entire city jumpy. Police issued the “all clear” and advised those who were hiding in local businesses to leave. London Metro promised to have officers remain close by to “reassure” the public.

There were some sarcastic responses to the panic in heavily gun-controlled England:

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