Shooting, Carjacking in North Seattle Leaves Two Dead, Suspect in Custody.

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Lake City, North Seattle, Washington – a crime scene that stretched over 7 different areas told a sad tale of one man’s rampage that left 2 dead and two wounded on Wednesday afternoon.

Sand Point Way and 123rd

Police responded to the first call at 4:05 p.m. on Wednesday of a man shooting at cars. The 33 year old suspect, identified as Tad Norman, shot a 56 year old woman as he attempted to carjack her vehicle. She is listed in satisfactory condition at Harborview hospital in Seattle.

He then shot at a Metro Bus through the windshield. The driver was struck in the chest, but still had the presence of mind to turn the bus around and drive it away from the shooter to a safe location on 125th street. Eric Stark, the bus driver, is being hailed as a hero who kept all twelve of his passengers from being shot. He was hospitalized, but was listed in satisfactory condition also at Harborview.

The suspect then carjacked a red Prius by killing the 50 year old driver, shoving his body out of the vehicle and driving off at a high rate of speed. Police pursued him for about a block and a half. He crashed head on into another vehicle, killing the 70 year old driver of that car.

After negotiations during a brief standoff, police were able to get the suspect in custody. He was also transported to the hospital, but has been released into the custody of police. Norman is being held at the King County jail on charges of Homicide, Robbery, and Assault, according to KIRO7.

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  • usmcm14

    But the kommie shithole of seattle has strict gun laws how dare a fucking criminal break their fucked up laws !!!

  • PLCotton

    So 3 people were shot,one killed, AND one man was killed in the car crash ,is that right? ONE person is too much,BUT it’s not okay to sensationlize and make it sound like he killed SO many people with a gun !!
    The TRUTH of the story is far more intriguing , BUT IT ISN’t GOING TO CREATE CHAOS !!??

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