Sheriff Darryl Daniels Promises to Deputize Every Lawful Gun Owner In Event of Violent Protests

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Clay County, Florida –  Sheriff Darryl Daniels is Clay County’s first Black Sheriff, and he isn’t mincing words these days over the violent “protests” that have left parts of America in ruins. He promises to make special deputies out of every lawful gun owner in his county should his deputies not be able to handle a violent situation.

“If we can’t handle you, I’ll exercise the power and authority as the sheriff and I’ll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in the county and I’ll deputize them to this one purpose: to stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility.” Sheriff Darryl Daniels

Although no protests are currently scheduled in Clay County, the Sheriff’s warning should be heeded. Recent graffiti found on a local church may have started the idea of the video put out by the Sheriff. His deputies painted over the words written on the church.

Daily Mail reported,

Clay County has a population of about of more than 215,000 people and is a suburb of Jacksonville, which has experienced violence during some demonstrations, which prompted a city-wide curfew earlier this month. 

A sheriff’s office assistant chief told News4Jax that Clay County has experienced a ‘very slight increase’ in threats from outsiders who want to come into the community to protest or to damage public property.

Assistant Chief Keith Smith, who spoke to the news outlet, had helped paint over graffiti from a wall near a church that appeared related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Daniels is running for reelection, and faces 6 contenders, some of whom claim this was a publicity stunt that called for “vigilantes.” Some decided it was a “posse” situation that could cause problems. Newsflash: Sheriff’s once used citizen posses for emergency situations all across America. In some areas they still use them for emergencies.

Warning to Clay County residents: casting lawful gun owners as “vigilantes” and telling people that they don’t have the “training or background checks” necessary for helping law enforcement is the same kind deceptive drivel spouted by anti-gunners. The fact is, background checks for law enforcement don’t catch any more or any less problems than for legal gun owners. It can catch some, but not all, issues. If you elect one of those kind of folks as your Sheriff, there will likely be issues with your gun ownership.

Sheriff Daniels may not be perfect, but it appears that he’s willing to go the extra mile to keep his citiens safe.

Constitutional Sheriffs are in short supply in America right now, as time after time people wanting the power for power’s sake vie for these offices. Those who do believe in their oaths and stand with their constituents should be kept in office.

 “If you come to Clay County and think for one second we’ll bend our backs for you, you’re sadly mistaken…The second you step out from up under the protection of the Constitution, we’ll be waiting on you and give you everything you want: all the publicity, all the pain, all the glamour and glory for all that five minutes will give you.” Sheriff Darryl Daniels

This is the video put out by the Clay County Sheriff on Tuesday.

Featured photo: Clay County Sheriff’s Office


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  • Sabre22

    Now he needs to order every protester that breaks a window or throws a rock gets SHOT on Sight.. No More playing around.

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