Shaun King Issues Call to Tear Down Images of “White” Jesus

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Activist Shaun King, a writer, prolific rabble rouser, white guy pretending to be Black, and a Black Lives Matter advocate, called for removal of all images of Jesus to be torn down because they look like a White European. He called them a form of White Supremacy, and said they were tools of oppression.

He also tweeted:


All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down.

They are a gross form white supremacy.

Created as tools of oppression.
Racist propaganda.

They should all come down.”

The depictions of Jesus were NOT created as tools of oppression and since Shaun King is a raging lunatic and has never cracked the cover of a Bible or sought the Face of the One and Only True King, he would know that.

He did face some backlash for his insanity:

“Says the white guy pretending he is black.” Raziel Sepher

“Jesus was Jewish, an Israelite to be exact. If people want to make him blonde, black or Korean to help identify with people and spread his word, I’m all for it. If you want to tear down icons of Him though, you will have literal hell to pay from God and the Christian world alike.” Mindy Robinson

“As a black immigrant and a mental health professional I’m not afraid to say that you’re a very sick person and you need help.” Rodrigo Villareal

“There is a long beautiful history of people depicting Jesus looking familiar to their place and culture. Jesus is not about race, and saying to tear down depictions that occur in a European-dominant context is as racist as removing them from any culture.” @MrSubsidiarity


In ancient Rome, Christians were persecuted horrifically from lies. One Roman Emperor told people that Christians were cannibals because of the celebration of Communion. According to the Roman historian Tacitus, Nero, whom it is believed set fire to Rome, blamed Christians for the conflagration, and used the excuse to murder anyone who claimed the faith. They were burned alive, some used as torches for light at night. They were ripped apart by hungry animals, nailed to crosses, and murdered in horrific ways. It was bloodsport.

Shaun King is advocating more than just removing religious art – he is advocating persecution, and a thought pattern of hate based on lies. He is wrong. Jesus has been depicted for every culture, not for “oppression,” but by artists who desired to help their own culture relate to Him. Jesus is about redemption…Shaun King is about condemnation. If Shaun’s call to destroy religious art of any kind begins to happen, there will be severe consequences.

Featured Photo: a Greek Orthodox Jesus on Twitter via @FritzQS (not white)


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