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How many of us have a “dark” sense of humor? One Connecticut man, Brandon Wagshol, was “red flagged” after he shared a boogaloo meme and talked about buying gun parts online from out of state. Someone viewed it as threatening.

Wagshol’s sharing of memes and talk of purchasing gun parts – without making any threats, by the way- got the attention of someone who reported him to police. He is now under arrest on a $250,000 bond that can only be posted AFTER his hearing on September 6.

“What I understand is that he didn’t make any comments on Facebook, but there may have been other memes, as they call them, that he might have reposted.” Attorney Darnell Crosland

The article said his posts were “alarming.” He shared a “boogaloo” meme. Those of you who know what those are understand that they are extremely dark in their “humor.” He denies any desire to commit a mass shooting.

“Boogaloo” – a slang term for shit-hits-the-fan, or government gone bad and they’re coming for you, time to fight back. Boogaloo toys refers to guns. The opposite of “bugging out.”

“Alphabet bois” – ATF, FBI, DEA, etc.

“Coat hanger sears” – hand-crafted drop-in auto sears for an AR.

According to News12 Connecticut,

FBI investigators say the Norwalk Police Department received a tip about Wagshol’s activity from a concerned citizen. The joint investigation began after the FBI received a tip that Wagshol was trying to buy high capacity magazines from out of state.

Police say all the weapons recovered from the home are legally owned and registered to Wagshol’s father, but that the 22-year-old had access to them. Investigators also recovered body armor with a titanium plate, camouflage shirt, pant and belt, ballistic helmet, tactical gloves, camouflage bag and computers.


Wagshol has been banned from the campus of the college he was attending. The media is calling this a ‘mass murder plot foiled.’ But was it really? A Boogaloo meme is not about mass murder, it’s about defending yourself from the government.

“Red Flagged” over sharing memes

While Wagshol obviously made mistakes and really did not ‘do everything correct,’ there is a worry about those “tips from concerned citizens” and the sharing of “memes.” Especially regarding US Military veterans, who often own items exactly like the ones police confiscated from Wagshol. And they love to share memes on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Instagram has blacklisted any reference to the word “boogaloo.” Big Tech appears to feel that such memes are dangerous and need to be banned.

Featured photo of Brandon Wagshol from Norwalk Police


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  • Laurie

    What has happened to our First Amendment rights? Seems to me that many Social Media platforms have become self appointed enforcers of a government agenda targeting law abiding gun owners. “Preppers” along with Americans who want to simply be ready for any type of disaster commonly own many of the items confiscated from Mr. Wagshoi. Law Enforcement, gun enthusiasts and military (active and retired) commonly collect and own body armor and tactical gear along with high capacity magazines, bump stocks and customized firearms that were not illegal at the time of acquisition Wanting to purchase gun paraphernalia outlawed in ones State of residence seems pretty average if you think about it. I am not impressed with the “concerned citizen” BS either since that person could be an irritated neighbor or an angry ex. Nothing revealed in the news article justifies holding Mr. Wagshoi in lieu of $250,000 that can’t even be posted for well over two weeks. If a background check is done on this man please include the “concerned citizen” if there is one. I wonder what the charges are for posting an unpopular meme.

    • J Best

      He’s gonna be rich when this BS is over

      • Richard weede

        Their are no high capacity magazines! All magazines are designed to hold a specific amount of cartridges. Stop using the antis and medias soon words.

      • Carl Powers

        We should all chip in or start a gofundme page for his legal help.

    • Eddie

      I would say that the big tech companies are enforcers of a CORPORATE agenda, and so is the government. Big tech is just another mainstream media subcategory, and relies on ad revenue. Ads are made by corporations and special interest groups, and when ad blockers exist to keep ad revenue coming in, big tech has to force the websites as a whole, especially their own, to conform to the demands of advertisers. Big corporations do not like guns. They don’t want you to have them. The government has its army and cops, corporations don’t have quite the same security. An armed citizen ranks higher on their threat matrix than the government’s…until the corporation tells the government that a citizen is dangerous. Then law enforcement panics, and does the corporation’s dirty work.
      Red flag laws are all about corporations lobbying to let them use the government to abuse you for doing something they don’t like.
      Remember how the google whistleblower had SWAT sent after him by his former employer recently? That happened. And it’s only going to get worse. Don’t use big tech products. As convenient as they are, they will make things harder on you if you don’t agree with any particular thing that big tech and those who advertise with them do.

    • Traci

      Well said.

    • Tim

      Red Flag Laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL! AN ANONYMOUS “CONCERNED CITIZEN” deprived this man of his Constitutional rights to a Trial by Peers. His RIGHT to Face his ACCUSER! There were no Prohibited items in his Possession. He was KIDNAPPED by UNLAWFUL ARMED INTRUDERS. HELD AGAINST HIS WILL, and DENIED BAIL! There are NO CONSEQUENCES against his FALSE ACCUSER. Hi accuser should be LIABLE for his LEGAL FEES!

    • Tony

      Red flagged? Ok fine. Can’t ever be to safe. Keep an eye on his activity. But they crossed the line by arresting him. There was no threats made and no call to action. They violated his most sacred human right by incarcerating him for practicing free speech. I really hope the PD faces legal consequences for this. This is unacceptable. The police used poor judgement. They thought they were doing the right thing because they viewed him as a threat. But what they did is a step in the wrong direction and a threat to our birthrights.

  • Timothy Carson

    how about we redflag the politicians talking about assassination of or president??

  • Thomas Jefferson.

    The fuckery of the constitution continues in CT

  • Michael S.

    I think it’s time we get all known friends and fellow followers to unite in “red flagging” to the proper authorities F.B. comments from the far left all the way into the staunch angry democrats postings that belittle,even to the smallest degree any and all memes and comments!
    As well reporting to F.B. that we believe “this post, comment or meme goes against F.B. standards”. Let’s give to them exactly what a young liberal relative tells me that’s what her “tribe” does.

  • Mark Gregory,, Koernke

    This is the preamble to a war. Not if but only when. Organize, arm, equip and train as militia for mutual defense. Set up a 5/10 program in your AO. Logistics. More is better. Buy more food and ammo. Both are weapons. Piss on the ring knockers and all of their fellow travelers. We out number them and they know it. The FBI is running the RED TERROR for the foreign government running the police state. Liberty1775

  • John Bush

    Don’t forget Madonna is going to blow up the White House. Grab the old timer and lock her up.

  • Tom

    Fucking disgusting.

  • Carlos

    So basically a person says there going to purchase magazines from out of state but hasn’t bought them..that gives the goverment the right to take your court with a good lawyer not only will he get off but the lawsuit will be massive..because Iin reality a crime wasnt committed in any way shape or form..that would be like me saying I’m going to do 100 miles an hour on the highway tomorrow and the police showing up at my door step with a speeding stupid as that sounds that’s exactly what the government did, way over reached on this one..

  • George


  • JT

    CT is such a corrupted shithole.

  • Frank Ness

    So my nut job neighbor who hates the fact I like to shoot and go hunting, can call the police and teport me as a threat, because they saw my NRA bumper sticker, and TRUMP 2020 sign.

    Then Ill have to post bail, hire a lawyer, and spend time in court away from my job (possibly risk getting fired), and dont even have the right to know which neighbor it was *so I can sye them for defamation.

    • Tim

      EXACTLY! False Accusers will slide by under the guarantee of ANONYMITY! These Laws must be STOPPED!

    • tom sides

      yep, that’s about the size of it.

  • N. R. Rnglee

    Welcome to Denunciation Nation. Denounce your neighbor, your brother, even your wife and win prizes! The State will reward you handsomely for any denunciation of wreckers, saboteurs, spies and counter revolutionaries. Denounce three or more and you enter the running for the Josef Stalin Hero of the Soviet Union Award!

  • Denise Dessy

    WOW. My family and I have used the term “boogaloo” for my entire life. It’s a term of endearment or perhaps a playful term.

    If an individual can be searched (was that part of probable cause?), based on a strangers concern(that could have been taken out of context) shouldn’t the brakes be put on these Red Flag laws? I think they are a violation of our 2A rights. Don’t like any of this!

  • Katt

    Wait a minute…why was he arrested? As far as I can tell, nothing he did was illegal. What were the charges?

  • Robert McFate

    The forth box of freedom is quickly coming into play!

  • D Reese


    See you when I get out!!

  • Darron

    [Totalitarian state intensifies]

  • Dallas Woodard

    I wonder
    The fbi had many many warnings about the Florida school shooter
    Did nothin
    The fbi had many warnings about the vegas shooter
    Did nothin!

    A man post memes on facebook
    Arrest the threatening menace!

  • Ali

    how it happened

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