Sharia Proponent Linda Sarsour Endorses Traitor Chelsea Manning for Senate: Perfect Match?

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The Washington Times reported that Sharia proponent, anti-Israel, Muslim/Feminist Activist Linda Sarsour has endorsed traitor Chelsea Manning in the race for Maryland Senate. And the Twitter Universe is having a field day.



So, for starters, Arpaio was convicted for doing his job. Manning was convicted for giving away classified documents under the Espionage Act.  Sarsour knows full well that under Sharia, Manning would be pitched off the roof of a building or stoned to death or both.

But then, we are fully aware that Linda Sarsour doesn’t support the government and neither does Manning. She also hates police. She also hates Trump and the US Government. It may be the perfect match for traitors, terrorists, and fools.













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