Shared Battlefields – Marine Veteran and His Wife Fighting Cancer Together

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Houston, Texas – Max Rowland and his wife Toymikia Williams met just after Max completed four years in the United State Marine Corps, according to ABC13. They’ve been happily married ever since, and have 6 children. But life took a turn for the worse when Max was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, a rare one at that, and his wife found that she has a cancerous tumor behind her eye. It’s a shared battlefield.

Max Rowland (USMC photo via ABC13)

Both Max and Toymikia have had to quit their jobs. Max worries about his wife, and she worries about her husband.

“When you love somebody, it hurts to see them in pain.” Toymikia Williams

The family has rallied to help them find money for alternative treatments for Max’s condition.

Max’s Mom wrote in their GoFundMe:

As his Mom, I had to visit with him and help understand, that no amount of work or money is more important than his life or health. We know he is a great Warrior for his family and great Provider, but sometime even a Tough Marine needs help. I told him to stop hiding his illness. We all care and we will all help him. He dosen’t have to be ashamed because He’s sick. We are a Military Family and we Take Care of Each other Just like the Marines Taught him.

After a lot of Praying, Crying and worrying, I started calling and researching his illness and his current Cancer Treatment Care. I quickly realized that this type of Intestinal Cancer had not been cured at all in the US and it is a very rare Cancer. There was nothing the US. Doctors could offer to help him. We spoke to several Oncologist, hospitals and clinics, that we thought for sure had answers. But they did not, it seemed Hopeless.

We had to act fast to find other Alternatives and answers to develop Hope in him and ourselves. We refused to give up on our 38 year old Son/Marine. He has been an Excellent Father, Husband, Son and Mentor to so many Lost Young Men. He encourages everyone and gives a lot of hope to the others struggling in life. He is just a constant force of motivation to anyone and pleasant to everyone that meets him.

Three years and three surgeries on his tumors later, none of them worked. Alternative treatments for the cancer that has invaded Max’s body are not covered by insurance. Max’s Mom found an alternative treatment available in Mexico that has an 85% success rate, but it’s cash only. He must keep up the treatments in order to save his life.

Meanwhile, Toymikia is also fighting the tumor behind her eye. She will be meeting with doctors later in May to find a treatment plan.

Screenshot via ABC

GoFundMe photo

The family is drawing on faith to help them cope with these tragedies. We wish them well, and encourage our readers to check out the GoFundMe.

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