Severe Weather to Heat Across America (video)

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Severe Weather to Heat Across America

It was weird and deadly Christmas for many across the nation. Westerners huddled in the cold with power outages from heavy snowstorms. Easterners wondered where winter went as they flocked to parks in their shorts- temperatures in the 70’s in New York.

Massive tornado outbreaks and flooding from Mississippi through Alabama, things that have been what weather forecasters call “anomalous.” Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not done yet.


Mississippi, Indiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama… the list of states blasted with severe weather grew as tornadoes and torrential rains tore across the south. At least 15 died from the storm outbreak, according to the Weather Channel.

Witnesses said that the tornadoes seemed to come from “everywhere.”


Twitter Photo via @HeterosexualWoman

One tornado in Mississippi reportedly stayed on the ground for at least 10 minutes, creating massive amounts of damage in its wake.


Twitter photo of damaged house via CBS

A sad and difficult Christmas

The Weather Channel reported,

…At least 23 tornadoes have been reported, spread out across at least 10 states, and that number will likely grow as more reports come in…

On Thursday, heavy rain flooded parts of Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina causing mudslides and multiple road closures. It also shut down two stations on Atlanta’s public rail system…

…Holly Springs coroner James Anderson told The Weather Channel that a 7-year-old boy was found dead in a van on Highway 7 outside Holly Springs in Marshall County. The boy’s family was taken in unknown condition to a nearby hospital. Anderson didn’t release any preliminary cause of death, but did confirm it was related to the severe weather in the area.


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The storms aren’t over yet

The Christmas outbreak is “rare,” but not unprecedented. And it’s by no means over. A winter storm called “Goliath” is poised to dump blizzard conditions, and thunderstorms through the Plains states toward New England in the next few days. So some people will have to put their shorts back in the drawer.

The National Weather service told us that the West would be dry this year because it is an “El Nino” year. So far they’ve been wrong- we hope it stays that way. The Northeastern heat wave won’t last. Winter is one of those fickle things that defies man’s attempts to figure it out. The South has been inundated with flooding and tornadoes- we can only pray that it will lighten up in the days ahead.

Politics even in storms

In the usual liberal thought process, left wingers  decided that people against Climate Change, and Republicans caused the tornadoes, NewsNinja reported. But then, Liberalism is a mental disorder. SMH.


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