Seven boys Charged in Quincy Beating of White Boys at Pier

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It’s ridiculous when just standing at the edge of a pier garners a mob to beat you and your friends. But that’s what happened to several teens in Quincy, Massachusetts who were attacked by a mob of other teens on July 31. Seven boys have now been charged with the beating.

Quincy Police department posted that the incident was within the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts State Police. By the time Quincy police arrived at the call, nothing was happening, so they cleared the scene. Then they discovered the social media video.

Many people reacted to the police post, and most were not happy because the police called the situation a “fight.” The incident was not a “fight,” it was an assault from the beginning. The white boys had no part in the assault and just wanted to leave.

One FB user posted,

“Wasn’t a fight, was an assault. If the races were reversed it would be on national news as a hate crime.”

The 7 boys charged are all juveniles: one 17 year old, three 16 year olds, two 15 year olds and one 14 year old.  Their names were not released by the police. More suspects may be identified, according to the MSP.

“Each of the assailants is charged with 18 separate counts of offenses including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, assault, and kidnapping. Each assailant is charged as a principal in certain offenses and as a joint-venturer in other offenses.”  Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio

Kidnapping charges were leveled because the boys refused to let the victims leave at one point. The “dangerous weapon” used was being kicked with shoes.

Procopio also stated, “the investigation remains open; additional suspects may be identified and additional charges may be determined as the investigation proceeds.”


Some viewers stated they wished the “primary aggressors” had been charged as adults, and the crime charged as a “hate crime.”

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  • Courtney

    I am grateful that the people who committed the assault are being brought to justice. Those of you commenting, however, that insist upon using racial slurs, are no better than the people who committed the assault. That attitude is the reason the cycle of racism perpetuates.

  • Jim

    They were clearly out numbered. Of course the kids that were doing the assault wouldn’t fight fair. Who knows if one of them had a knife on them or worse.

    Taking the licks, and fleeing was the best choice at this point

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