Senate Republicans Get Courage, Lurking Danger from Leftists

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A few Senate Republicans have found courage. It’s a welcome change, and sometimes hilarious. But there is lurking danger from leftists who promote violence against them and it could become extemely dangerous. Breitbart reported that Senator Susan Collins is an example: the left has literally put her in the crosshairs of their wrath.

Liberals have destroyed their own arguments by all the harassment. And it appears some Senate Republicans are starting to see real winning from the heat of battle, and aren’t going to take it anymore.

Senator Orrin Hatch, when accosted by shouting protesters who demanded he talk to them about women who report rape, stated, “I will when you grow up.” Then walked away.

Senator Lindsey Graham told screaming protesters who shouted they were going to remove him from office, to “move to South Carolina” and smiled as he walked away. That’s not counting the impassioned statement he made against Democrats during the Kavanaugh hearings. It must have felt good to stand up for once and stop being beaten to conform to the Democrat’s wishes.

Senator Susan Collins has been harassed unmercifully in an attempt to force her to change her vote. Even Senator Marco Rubio stated that the harassment far exceeded just screaming and yelling at her. She was ridiculed and shouted down on Friday after she gave her speech about choosing to vote for Kavanaugh. It took some serious guts for her to make up her own mind over the threats.

And there is danger in plain sight after “nasty women” like Linda Sarsour from the women’s march have targeted her. Some advocated never-ending harassment of Senator Collins after the votes.  She is literally in the crosshairs of leftists. It’s terrorism, plain and simple.

The leftists have also begun “self-defense” trainings. Is that to be used against police? Or do they plan to use it against members of Congress?

The biggest “disgrace” is Linda Sarsour, who advocates Sharia law in America and wears a hijab showing her subservience. That’s being a real “traitor to women.”

“The founders created the Senate to protect our broader national interests against mass sentiment & momentary passions. That kind of Senate is no more. Instead of protecting us from a mass sentiment of anger & tribalism, the modern Senate has become its most powerful showcase.” Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Rubio is correct: the kind of Senate envisioned by our Founding Fathers no longer exists. The leftists, the Democrats, the viciousness with which they operate may be our best change of turning the nation RED in November. But it also may cost real bloodshed in the long run.


Featured photo- screenshot of  Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) via C-Span

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