Senate Democrats Block Bill to Protect Babies From Infanticide

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As of February 25, 2019, the Democrat Party officially became the Party of Infanticide. What was once some drivel about “choice over a woman’s body” is now openly about killing babies and refusing to accept the responsibility of parenting. The Senate bill called the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act” had absolutely nothing to do with a woman’s body. It was about treating a living baby that survived an abortion attempt.

“Can the extreme far-left politics surrounding abortion really have come this far? Are we really supposed to think that it’s normal that there are now two sides debating whether a newborn, whether newborn living babies deserve medical attention?” Sen Mitch McConnell

Senators (using the term loosely) like Chuck Schumer who lied to the assembly, when he claimed that the bill would target “reproductive health care providers.” (National Review ) The bill did not mandate or “target” any particular care, just that the baby would receive the same care that any other living baby would receive. A baby born alive is a human being, not a “mass of cells.”

It should have been a bipartisan bill. Care for a living child should be something that everyone can agree on. But not this pack of leftist Democrats. In the vote, three Democrats (ones that still have a conscience) crossed the aisle to vote for the bill. Three Republicans missed the vote entirely. But in a body that is controlled by the Republicans, they could only muster 53 votes, seven shy of the needed 60 to break the Democrat filibuster according to the Washington Times.

The Democrats are worse than the Nazis. They call Conservatives racist and Nazi and every other name but THEY are worse than Hitler. To kill a baby that is born alive after the attempted murder of abortion is infanticide. It is murder. Period. Are they planning to save the body parts for the baby parts market? The vote list is here. If you ever wanted to know how far left American has fallen, today’s vote should tell you.

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