Sen Ron Wyden Illegally Escorts Pregnant Woman Across US Border

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Sen Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) has unilaterally decided that all Mexican women have the “right” to healthcare in the US, and to have their babies here so they can claim citizenship for them if they claim asylum. On July 27, he and his progressive buddies made a trip to Juarez, Mexico where migrants are being held while their asylum claims are being processed.

While there, he came upon a young family – the Mexican woman who was just over 8 months pregnant and had “complications” – so he “escorted” them across the border illegally.

“I met a women who is eight and half months pregnant. Because I had a wonderful physician from Oregon, Dr. Herbert, with me, she said that … the woman was looking at some very serious healthcare problems … [that] she needed medical care.  So they immediately packed all their belongings up, headed to the border to make sure she could get to the United States and get the medical care she needed. We were essentially told early on by the customs official [at the border] that ‘No way that she could get in,’ then when they found out I was a U.S. Senator and we had a pediatrician with us, they changed their tune. Now that individual is going to be able to get the medical care that she so desperately needs.” Sen Ron Wyden


Sen Ron Wyden obviously believes he is above the law. He can do anything he wants, because no one stopped him. He played the “I’m more important than you” card to get the family into the United States.

The comments were rife with unhappy people. Comments such as these:

Hello, @FBI ? I’d like to report @RonWyden for human smuggling and human trafficking. Cc @CBP@ICEgov

@FBI this guy needs to be arrested

@ICEgov, here’s a Coyote to arrest and put away.

Then maybe she shouldn’t have made the journey at 8 months pregnant!!! Congratulations you just broke the law and you should be charged and removed from office!

Another example of the “laws don’t apply to me”. You should be arrested & forced to resign.

There should be a warrant out for your arrest! Could I do this? No!

There are lots more where that came from – the point is, people are becoming extremely tired of Democrats portraying Republicans as racist and evil, while they violate the law on a regular basis.

Photo: Screenshot via Ron Wyden Twitter account


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  • Jolene Cross

    Why isn’t he in handcuffs? That was illegal as ×÷÷÷. Government I want a answer. I better get one or someone job is on the line
    WE as AMERICANS are tired of paying for illegal entry into the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Make the Democrat guy pay for her hospital stay and put her up in his house.

  • Steve Smith

    Should be required to sponsor the family he freely and unlawfully escorted across the border.

  • Sharon

    As far as I’m concerned, ANYONE crossing our border and then trying to smuggle in illegals should be stopped and REFUSED entry back into the USA along with the people they chose to smuggle into this country. I DON’T CARE WHO THEY THINK THEY ARE!! I see them as nothing more than CRIMINALS.

  • BD Stone

    Look, we have laws that have gone through branches of Government created by political leaders we voted into office. They represent and serve us, it’s not the other way around. They’re servants, they’re not above the law. They take the “Oath” to uphold our Constitution and when he broke laws here, he should have been charged and put up on bail from being arrested and waiting for arraignment and prosecution. He broke federal laws, there’s no arguing that. It’s a fact Jack, you broke federal laws. We the People demand answers and demand action, if you, our elected officials don’t figure it out than we here in border States are about to have to do it for ourselves. It’s destroying our State infrastructure, economies, and political stances by allowing foreigners to come in. That’s not Democracy, that’s invasion and the generals are the leftist political powers that be. I know it’s your master plan but it’s not ours and we will not allow our States to be over ran.

  • Don Gartin

    You sir are a disgrace to America and the state of Oregon that was settled in 1846 by my family they would have hung you………

  • Acccccccvvvvv

    I’m wondering what would happen if a stray dog with 12 puppies crosses over the border into the United States?

  • American

    Women have babies in Mexico everyday. They have Doctors and medical facilities as well. The American Tax payer is not responsible for people in other countries having babies as far as that goes. This Senator must be arrested and Jailed promptly, Equal Justice under the law is the rule of our land. This guy need to be sent home from Congress as well.

  • John taunt

    I think that this Sen.. Needs to be put in jail for helping these people break out laws a U. S. Sen. Should know better this is going to far I think the President needs to do something.

    • Jeremy

      No, Our vote doesn’t account for shit against big money. The guy should be prosecuted and the woman denied entrance. Russians also do Citizenship tours to the united states. They take vacation 8 months pregnant to have their baby in the US for citizenship as well. Perfect for future FSB operatives.

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