Security Incident at Naval Base Kitsap – Crazy or Calculated?

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On Thursday morning at around 9 a.m., a black SUV entered the security gate at Naval Base Kitsap in Bangor, Washington. The 53 year old driver told security guards that he had an IED – Improvised Explosive Device – on his body and in his vehicle. Although some “suspicious” items were found in the car, according to KOMO, no explosives were located. The man was taken into custody.

Naval Base Kitsap is home to the Navy’s Nuclear submarines and undersea warfare center. The question is this- was this man (whose name was not released) testing the Navy’s response? Or was he simply a nut job? He was evaluated for mental health issues when he was placed in custody.

The Navy posted this on Facebook:

“NAVAL BASE KITSAP-BANGOR, Wash. – This morning at 9 a.m., a black sport-utility vehicle entered the Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor Trident vehicle inspection gate. A male driver claimed to have an Improvised Explosive Device on his body and in his vehicle. Security and personnel safety procedures were immediately taken.

The driver was apprehended and is in Kitsap County Sheriff custody.

NBK-Bangor Trident Gate remains closed. Personnel within a 1,000-foot perimeter will continue to shelter in place. Others must remain clear of the area while security personnel continue to respond.

NBK-Bangor Marine Gate is open to exit base.

NBK-Bangor Trigger Gate is open for all inbound and outbound traffic. All other NBK installations will resume normal operations. Parents who have children at the NBK-Bangor Child Development Center will be able to access the base for pick up…”

The gates and the Undersea Warfare Center were reopened later and the all clear was given on the shelter in place order. The Navy thanked the FBI, Washington State Patrol, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Explosive Ordnance Unit and Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance with the situation. The Kitsap County Sheriff noted that no explosives, drugs or weapons were found inside the vehicle.

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