Security Disarms On-Duty Sheriff at Law Enforcement Charity Hockey Game

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Spokane, Washington – An ON-DUTY Sheriff went to a Law Enforcement charity hockey game on Saturday and was forced to disarm by the security. But he’s not happy about it.

UPDATE: The Spokane Arena has changed its policy to allow off-duty officers to carry their weapons. It’s a start.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich arrived at Spokane Arena for the Spokane law enforcement vs. Tri-Cities law enforcement hockey game on Saturday night. When he tried to enter, staff told him that he could not bring his weapon inside.

Sheriff Knezovich said that the staff knew who he was and that he was on-duty, but the security wasn’t swayed. 

“They disarmed me at the door and I’m on duty,” Sheriff Knezovich said. “I had to go put my gun in the car.”

Kevin Twohig, the director of the Public Facilities District said that uniformed officers can come in armed, but plain clothes ones can’t because “we can’t tell if they are on duty or not.”

“This is bureaucracy and bureaucrats run wild. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. It makes zero sense. I can understand if we are off duty, if there’s liquor being sold there, I can understand that. But when you are on duty and representing the county at an event, I’ve just never heard anything like this.  Many, many of the active shooter type situations that happen in this nation have been stopped by off duty police officers carrying their weapons.” Sheriff Knezovich

Blue Lives Matter continued,

…Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich was wearing a suit with a badge on the lapel. 

This idea of restricting access of armed officers to sports arenas appears to have gone past the point of any sense. Mr. Twohig appears unaware that clothing doesn’t make somebody a police officer. And to restrict access to a Sheriff who arrived for an official law enforcement event? the Spokane Arena management appears to lack any sense.

Washington is a liberal state that has absolutely no common sense at all. Blue Lives Matter did a poll to ask if people thought this situation was good or bad…90% sided with the Sheriff.

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