Security Concerns at Border Patrol Facilities

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Security Concerns at Border Patrol Facilities

In a report by the Office of the Inspector General released February 6, The Border Patrol was found to have numerous security concerns at many of their FOB’s -Forward Operating Bases. One in particular in the Tucson Sector  has inadequate living accommodations, poor drinking water, and inoperable security cameras. The OIG recommended they either fix it or close it permanently.

 security concerns

Some Border Patrol FOBs have security concerns and inadequate living conditions

Agents live at these facilities for 7 days at a time to minimize response time to the border. But they are at risk in these places, due to horrendous conditions that apparently the highers ups do not want to repair. Or are budget cuts to blame? Either way, the situation is out of control.

Safety of agents- security of the country at risk

Work orders were submitted for such things as inoperable cameras, insect and rodent infestations, broken fences, etc, but nothing was fixed. That leaves any Border Patrol Agents living at the facility in jeopardy of a security breach. If they can’t get their own security apparatus fixed, how can they be expected to secure the country?

The Daily Caller reported,

Multiple U.S. Customs and Border Protection bases near the Mexico border have “inoperable” security cameras and other serious security gaps, according to a new federal watchdog report.

The Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General found four border posts where agents live and work for a week at a time that have inoperable cameras, which increases their chances of suffering a security breach.

Some posts also have inadequate access controls, and CBP doesn’t conduct consistent security inspections of the facilities.

“If agents cannot perform this task, the FOB (forward operating base) is more vulnerable to a security breach,” the report said.

Unsafe conditions ignored by higher ups

The Tuscon Sector facility has a perimeter fence  with a manual gate that employees consistently leave open. Since 2011, repeated requests for an upgrade to an electronic gate have gone unanswered. The open gate leaves easy access to the FOB…a highly dangerous  situation.

Agents interviewed by the OIG reported filthy living conditions, bad water, and unsafe areas. The inspectors found that even with requests being submitted, nothing had been done to fix the offending problems. Even the well water is not safe to drink, and FOBs have consistently had to deal with contaminated water.

The CBP’s own design standards require an electronic gate, a 8 ft security fence, CCTV, locks, guard patrols, and other security features. Two of the FOBs have manual gates that are frequently left open.

Where’s the Outrage

The Border Patrol has agreed with the recommendations of the OIG report’s findings. But they have not received the funding to renovate the facilities. Trying to prioritize what little funding they do have has obviously not been effective.  The FOBs are located along the border in dangerous areas; leaving agents to worry about these types of issues instead of watching for illegal crossing activity is unconscionable.

This administration has funded millions of illegal immigrants and refugees. They have given benefits to people who came here illegally to the detriment of American citizens. They have left our Border Patrol to live in squalor and be at risk for their lives.  They can’t even find money to upgrade a security gate. It’s outrageous.


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