Secret Service Laptop Stolen: Trump Tower Floor Plans, Hillary Investigation Inside

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A laptop belonging to Secret Service Agent Marie Argentieri was stolen out of her car in Brooklyn on Thursday as it was parked in her driveway. On that computer were the floor plans to Trump Tower, parts of the Hillary Clinton investigation, and other sensitive information. Authorities are scrambling to get it back. But as of this writing, it has not been found.

“It’s a very big deal. There’s data on there that’s highly sensitive. They’re scrambling like mad.” NY Daily News Police Source

Although the Secret Service does not allow agents to carry classified documents on their computers, the computer can be used to access that server. IF someone can get inside.

In this case, the computer has the floor plans to Trump Tower, as well as evacuation protocols, which immediately puts the President and his family, and any guests that may be there at risk. All of the evacuation plans will have to be reworked.

The computer also contained highly sensitive information on the Hillary Clinton server investigation, as well as other documents. The thief took a bag containing various Secret Service pins that could have provided access to various locations, and an agency-issued radio. All items have been recovered except the laptop.

“The Secret Service believes this is a petty theft, which is not uncommon in the area, not a national security incident in which the agent was targeted.” Dan Bongino, Former Secret Service Agent

NY Daily News reported,

Sources and neighbors said the thief stepped out of a dark-colored sedan, possibly an Uber, and darted into Argentieri’s Bath Beach driveway about 3 a.m.

He grabbed the computer, a backpack, and other goods and walked away, sources said.

The crook, dressed in black, didn’t get back in the car he arrived in. He was seen on surveillance video strolling away from the brick home wearing a backpack and holding a laptop, sources said.

The thief “moved with  a purpose,” according to neighbor Mike Mignuolo after viewing the surveillance video.

The Secret Service stated that the information cannot be “remotely erased.” Yet another report in Fox News stated that once the laptop was connected to the internet, it could be erased.

Who did it?

Was this a random theft as the Secret Service believes?

Agent Argentieri is a trained Secret Service agent. Why would she leave a laptop containing sensitive information in a vehicle instead of securing it inside her residence?

Fortunately, reports say that the laptop is encrypted.

The incident is being investigated as a “street crime.” But if it’s not….

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