Secret Service Counter-Assault Team – Hawkeye Mogul – Keeping Trump Safe

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ISIS posted assassination threats against Trump from an image passed around on the encrypted social media site “Telegram.” The image is accompanied by a call for jihadis to “lie in wait” and “ambush” the US President. Vladimir Putin is also in the threatening image, which show both Presidents’ faces riddled with bullet holes. Enter the elite Secret Service Counter Assault Team (CAT) known by the call sign “Hawkeye Mogul” that is traveling with the President to keep him safe.

hawkeye mogul

ISIS has been passing around this picture with the recruitment to assassinate Trump and Putin


President Trump is currently in Manila for the ASEAN summit and has already “shared a toast” with President Rodrigo Duterte at the summit dinner. The Philippines has been a hotbed of jihadist activity since 2013 when ISIS took up residence in the country.

Back in June 2017, ISIS-affiliated fighters took control of Malawi, a city on the island of Mindanao. Though Filipino authorities believe that they have liberated the city, the threat of jihadists wanting to kill the President remains.

Asia Diplomacy and the CAT Team

President Trump’s Asia trip has so far only one incident where something didn’t work out- his desire to visit the DMZ- Demilitarized Zone- between North and South Korea. The official reason it was cancelled – “fog.” The DMZ is the most heavily fortified border in the world, but one incident of a sniper attack from North Korea in 1987 killed a South Korean Soldier. While it was a long time ago, it is possible the Secret Service nixed the last minute detour.

The Daily Star UK reported:

Special forces unit Hawkeye was pictured on stand-by as the US President abandoned a trip to the infamous demilitarised zone.

The DMZ is the 2.5 mile wasteland that separates North and South Korea.
Trump was due to make a surprise visit, but it was cancelled at the last minute – with the official reason given being “fog”. But with the White House’s top gun squad on standby, perhaps there was another reason?
North Korea has previously threatened to kill Trump in horrifying propaganda featuring the US boss being beheaded.

Pictures of Trump’s attempted to visit to the DMZ revealed the camp-clad special forces waiting in their chinook chopper.

The US President flew in on his helicopter – called Marine One – and then waited in his car while officials debating making the trip to the frontline of North Korea.

Each soldier was armoured, wearing a helmets, carrying a huge pack, and with an assault rifle slung under their arms.

So what’s Hawkeye Mogul?

The call sign Hawkeye Mogul was given to the specialized CAT – Counter Assault Team – assigned to protect President Trump. The team itself was formed after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan. They are deployed to repel coordinated attacks against US officials, including the President. They are especially trained to deal with ambush attacks and close quarters fighting.

The CAT is tasked with engaging and diverting any attackers so that the close protection team has time to evacuate the dignitary. The name of such teams are all “Hawkeye” with “mogul” being the call sign of President Trump.

The Philippines is a dangerous place, and it’s the last stop for President Trump before he returns to the United States. Stay frosty, Hawkeye Mogul, ISIS is afoot there.


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