Secret Drug Tunnel from Mexican Restaurant to a House in California – Video

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Secret Drug Tunnel from Mexican Restaurant to a House in California – Video

A secret drug smuggling tunnel from a Mexican restaurant in Mexicali, Mexico ran all the way into California to come up under a newly built home in Calexico. Authorities found 3,000 pounds of marijuana in the tunnel, which one agent stated looked like a big “block of cheese.”

3,000 pounds of marijuana found in a smuggling tunnel in California -ICE photo

The tunnel was 32 feet below ground, and stretched the length of 4 football fields, according to officials. The opening was approximately 3 feet wide on the California side. Agents had been  monitoring the property since it was purchased last year for $240,000.  The house construction cost the smugglers another $86,000.

Law Enforcement monitored the building of the house

But ICE was watching the entire time. The first shipment of drugs went through the tunnel on Feb 28, 2016. Authorities seized 1,350 pounds of marijuana back on March 7.

“This house and tunnel were constructed under the watchful eye of law enforcement. For the builders, the financiers and the operators of these passageways, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We will seize your drugs and your tunnel before you even have a chance to use it.” US Attorney Laura Duffey

Joel Duarte Medina and Manuel Gallegos Jiminez  were arrested on Wednesday at the home during the raid. Manuela Duarte-Medina and her mother, Eva Duarte De Medina, the ones who purchased the drug house, were arrested on Tuesday in Arizona.

This is the 12th tunnel found in the U.S. since 2006. Though authorities say this is the first time drug smugglers purchased a home to be built specifically for drug smuggling in the U.S., we have to wonder how many others are out there that were not “under the watchful eye of law enforcement.”

The tunnel opening in the house in Calexico, California

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