Second Amendment Split – From 2A Sanctuaries to New Anti-Gun Laws

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The year 2019 brought the Second Amendment split into the public view, with hundreds of cities and counties across the country passing resolutions declaring themselves off limits to violations of the right to keep and bear arms. It was also a year filled with examples of how good guys protected themselves and others with the use of firearms…but of course the media hates those kinds of stories.

Protection of Family and Friends

On December 29, an active shooter opened fire at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, killing to parishioners. But within 6 seconds, an armed churchgoer, firearms instructor Jack Wilson,  took care of business by a well-placed headshot. That’s church security. It’s unfortunate that two parishioners, Richard White and Anton “Tony” Wallace, were killed. The only thing I’d say about that is churches need to be more suspicious of someone who comes to church dressed in fake beard, a wig, a hat and a long coat.

On December 23, four men broke into a home in the Channelview suburb in Houston while two people were inside. Three of the men were killed at the scene as the homeowner took them out and the other one fled. The homeowner was also shot.

Early on December 21, a masked home invader broke into a home in Broward County, Florida. When police arrived, they found a dead masked man and a gun. The homeowner fled the house to call police.

On December 22, a man with a knife broke into a home in Manastee County, Michigan and initiated a struggle with a woman and the owner. The homeowner shot him.

That’s just in a span of a few days. There are literally hundreds of such cases in every state across the nation. The Second Amendment split comes in with the viewpoint: after such shootings anti-gunners start screaming for more gun control.  Gun advocates recognize that gun laws can’t prevent this kind of thing, and are ineffective in doing so.

Gun Laws Good and Bad

The Puerto Rico Governor signed a pro-gun bill into law that recognizes CCW permits from any state, and removes the “discretionary” treatment of those who wish to obtain a permit. (NRA-ILA) It could be a game changer for lawsuits that have been filed in Maryland and New Jersey alleging that the state’s “just cause” statutes infringe on the right to bear arms.

A second New Jersey town passed a pro-second amendment resolution. Since New Jersey is rigidly anti-gun, this is a step not lightly taken. The actual wording is likely to be different depending on the local politics, and they chose not to place the word “sanctuary” in their resolution. But that they are taking the step at all is a sort of miracle. West Milford and Sussex are now the first two that passed such resolutions.

One Kansas lawmaker is attempting to make Red Flag laws illegal in the state. Good luck getting a veto-proof majority for that, but if enough people worked together it could happen.

Gun restrictions

Then there is Virginia. Land of Democrats who want to not just control firearms, but disarm their citizens. They’ve threatened law enforcement, and used every opening at their disposal to push through their game plan. Today is January 1 – look for this to play out in coming months. And it may not be pretty.

None of these things count the gun control  proposals in other states. California has the highest level of mass shootings, yet they also have the most rigid gun laws. Baltimore’s murder rate reached record highs in 2019… a state with the Firearms Control Act, which has done nothing to help them.

The Second Amendment split between gun advocates and anti-gun activists is not likely to go away any time soon. We all see things differently. It could come to a kind of split no one wants.


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    In the second paragraph, 1st sentence, the words “killing to parishioners”, needs to be changed to “killing two parishioners.”

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