SecNav Wears a Sidearm in Afghanistan, Liberals Lose Their Minds

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SecNav Richard Spencer wore a sidearm when he visited Marines and Sailors at Camp Shorab in Afghanistan on December 28. When The Marine Corps Times posted the photo, liberals lost their minds. Gee, do you suppose people might shoot at American leaders there? Ya think?

This is the post that made liberals squirm:

First, SecNav Richard Spencer is a Marine. He served as an H-46 pilot for 4 years after his graduation from college. We previously reported on his continued involvement with the military. He’s qualified to carry a gun.

Second, he’s the Secretary of the Navy. He’d be a top prize if captured by the Taliban or any other of the jihadi groups in Afghanistan. As Tom Knighton of Bearing Arms noted,

“I think we can all agree that the secretary of the Navy would be quite the catch for the Taliban, and Spencer would be unlikely to enjoy the experience, much less survive it.

But for some unfathomable reason, libs had a problem with a “civilian” Secretary of the Navy carrying a weapon.


That’s just a smattering of  the stupid responses. No, he wasn’t trying to “look cool.” According to a San Diego Tribune report, he was offered the weapon by Marine Commanders and he accepted it. From complaining about the kind of holster he was wearing to other stupid remarks, libs apparently believe civilians and military leaders should all be sitting ducks and not protect themselves. Oh, wait – that’s exactly what they think.

Some of the excellent responses were:

My personal favorite, though, is this one:


  • Richard Rawlings

    To all of those whining about a civilian carrying a side arm in a combat zone Do you comprehend the term Secretary of The Navy. He never lost his right to carry a weapon. I would not be offended in any congress person (visiting) this part of the world were carrying either.

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