Seattle Rioters Set Fire to Juvenile Detention Center Construction Site – 47 Arrests, 59 Officers Injured

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Do you get it yet? Just reading the headlines should give you the clue that these riots have absolutely nothing to do with George Floyd’s death. Nothing whatsoever – it’s the push toward violent revolution. On Saturday, Seattle rioters set fire to a construction site for the King County Juvenile Detention Facility and courthouse. They hurled items at police officers, resulting in at least 59 injuries. There were 47 arrests by the end of the riot. (Seattle Police Department).

The Epoch Times reported,

“In Capitol Hill, rioters spray-painted the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct and attempted to disable cameras and damage fencing that was erected around the building to try to protect it. Officers also noticed smoke in the building lobby, indicating someone set fire to the precinct, and found possible explosive damage to walls inside. Arson and bomb detectives were investigating.

Due to the ongoing damage and public safety risks, police declared a riot around 5 p.m. and began using crowd control measures, such as blast balls and OC spray—but not tear gas—to try to disperse the crowd.

Rioters refused to disperse and continued smashing windows and damaging buildings in the area. They also hurled rocks, mortars, explosives, and other projectiles, according to the police and video footage from the scene.”

Seattle Police had their hands full during the riots, with explosives thrown into the East Precinct where the “CHOP” zone had been centered. Fireworks, bottles, rocks, heavy sticks and other items were thrown at police.

This is body cam footage of one portion of the riot:

This rioting, looting, and arson of America not only has nothing to do with George Floyd, it has a spattering of the agenda to get rid of Trump. Remember: they promised to make America ungovernable as Trump took office, and used very lie in the book to make Trump look like the monster. They’ve waited, looking for an opportunity and they found it – the excuses for ripping apart the fabric of society. They’ve targeted police officers because they have been that “thin blue line” between anarchists and law abiding people. Police are just the excuse, as was George Floyd. It was never meant to bring reform, it was meant to take down.

The more violence they create, the more police will ratchet up their responses in kind. This is planned. It’s an agenda by trained Marxists to destroy. It’s exactly what those who have been taught that America is evil want: to tear it all apart, every molecule of it.

“We are trained Marxists…You cannot rebuild until you take it all the way down.” Seattle Black Lives Matter leader Jaiden Grayson

Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter


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  • G S

    They need to take these people out completely. Otherwise it will never stop.

  • Jackie

    Take them out this is all about them not George Floyd BLM or. WLM I’m saying let’s stop it NOW

  • hottrod

    Way past time to start shooting ALL rioters! AA-12 full auto military shotguns with drum magazines and 000 buckshot!

  • Beverly Meyer

    Where are the fire hoses or water cannons and rubber bullets? If you d.on’t have rubber bullets, regular will do. It is past time this violence stops.

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