Seattle Resident Confuses Confederate Flag and Norwegian Flag

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As former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino recently tweeted, “Stupid is spreading. Quickly.” A Seattle resident became concerned when she saw what she thought was a Confederate flag flying in her Greenwood neighborhood. Only…it wasn’t a Confederate flag at all.

The Seattle Times got the tip a few days ago:

“Hi. Suddenly there is a Confederate flag flying in front of a house in my Greenwood neighborhood. It is at the north-east corner of 92nd and Palatine, just a block west of 92nd and Greenwood Ave N. I would love to know what this ‘means’ … but of course don’t want to knock on their door. Maybe others in the area are flying the flag? Maybe it’s a story? Thank you.”

The tip came from a best-selling author of  true crime books. Ahem. This is an author who may write a lot, but apparently doesn’t read a lot.

So the Seattle Times dutifully went to the residence to check it out. Since there was no wind, the flag was just hanging beneath the American flag on the pole. Turns out it wasn’t a Confederate flag at all – it was the Norwegian Flag, and it had been hanging there since the Olympics because the owner is a proud Norwegian immigrant.

And Norway has so far won the most gold medals of any other country in the PyeongChang Olympics. (Thirteen out of their 35 medals are gold). It was even properly displayed- with the American flag on top.

Note that the cross sits sideways on the Norwegian flag

The Confederate Battle flag cross is in the form of an X

Yes, they’re the same colors. Yes, both have crosses on them – although the positioning of the cross is very different, and one has stars on it the other does not.

According to the Times, the confusion has happened before, but let’s be blunt:  whether it’s a Norwegian flag or a Confederate flag, why do people freak out over a flag?  It’s… a… flag. Will this hyper-sensitive political climate ever stop? Dan Bongino is right- the stupid is spreading quickly.

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  • Matthew Ezell

    And if it HAD been the Confederate flag, so what?

  • Judy

    I was trying to explain to some silly woman that the Mississippi state flag has a rebel (Confederate flag) incorporated on the design, she actually asked where it was….Oh God help me! She can Google it and see clearly….or maybe not…

  • RJ

    I dont know, Sven and Ole look a little shady to me…

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