Seattle CHAZ – The No-Go Zone Commandeered by Anarchists

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The Seattle CHAZ – Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone – has become a No-Go zone. But Mayor Durkan says they could bring a “summer of love” from it. CHAZ is really the version of a No-Go zone that seems confused, as they don’t know what to do next, move it, keep it, or just expand it now that they’ve taken over part of the city.

Delusional Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan called the anarchist zone an act of “patriotism.”  The city’s African-American Community Advisory Council even clashed with the anarchists, saying that they have “hijacked” the message of  Black Lives Matter. Hijacked is a word you could use. Police have been attempting to talk to them, so far to no avail.

Fox noted,

“Protesters inside the self-declared autonomous zone in downtown Seattle booed and heckled members of the African American Community Advisory Council Thursday afternoon as the group told demonstrators they had “hijacked” the message of Black Lives Matter…

… “The thing is, you have hijacked this! You have taken the meaning away!”a woman from the council said, addressing demonstrators inside the ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,’ (CHAZ)– a six-block region, which includes a police precinct– that has been taken over by protesters.

After weeks of protests, Seattle demonstrators successfully ousted police officers from the East Precinct, forcing them to shutter the building and leave, and attempts at negotiating a police presence have been unsuccessful.”

Antifa and other leftists are not good allies of any other leftist group – they want control all by themselves. Keep in mind the MSM narrative that Antifa are just against “fascism” and “white nationalism.” No, they hate police and are anarchist/Communists who want to run the country and they do so by intimidation, violence, and dictatorial power.

CHAZ – a No-Go Zone

The narrative that these are “peaceful protesters is so far from the truth that if it wasn’t so horrendous, it would be laughable. Police say that their response times have tripled because they can’t get into that area or even drive through it for calls for service.

Delusional Seattle Mayor says it could be the “summer of love.”

She is so delusional she thinks the people who  have commandeered six blocks of Seattle for their own “country” are just hippies or something. Newflash, Durkan, they are dangerous. But of course, since they have created a community garden and pitched tents in a park, that sounds pretty “hippy-like”.

Inside CHAZ, people are being intimidated, money is being extorted, rapes and robberies are happening. One person accused of being a thief was threatened with a baseball bat.

“I wonder what the ‘residents’ of CHAZ would say if a police officer put a bat to someone’s face and interrogated them on the spot over an alleged act of thievery…” @TwitchyTemplar

CHAZ folks don’t like borders, but they’ve created one. They don’t like police, but have become their own authoritarian enforcers. Lots of arguing along the way. So much for “peace.”

Featured Photo: Twitter screenshot via Reporter @JulioRosas11


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