SEAL Team 7 Platoon Sent Home Over Allegations of Misconduct

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One SEAL Team 7 platoon has been accused of “deteriorating of good order and discipline during non-operational periods.” It stems from a drunken 4th of July party, according to the Navy Times, so they have been sent home from Iraq to San Diego on a “deliberate redeployment.”

Navy Times reported on the SEAL Team 7 “shenanigans”

In a prepared statement released Wednesday evening, SOCOM said that the joint task force commander lost confidence in the team’s ability to accomplish the mission and the SEALs are now on a “deliberate redeployment” to Naval Amphibious Base Coronado near San Diego.

“All Department of Defense personnel are expected to uphold proven standards and to comply with laws and regulations,” the statement read. “Alleged violations are thoroughly investigated.”

On Wednesday, the SEALs were in Kuwait, bound for California. Although senior leaders in Iraq lost confidence in them, the key allegations being investigated mostly stem from drinking during an Independence Day celebration in Iraq.

Alcohol consumption by U.S. service members is banned there.

But alcohol hasn’t been the only problem that many SEAL members are facing. SEAL team 7 also was the team that accused Eddie Gallagher of war crimes – he was acquitted of most charges, only convicted of posing with a corpse. Six members of Virginia based SEAL team 10 tested positive for cocaine use last year, according to Fox and the Navy Times, four of them were separated from the service. Two SEALs were also allegedly linked to the death of Green Beret Logan Melgar in Bali back in 2017.

Navy SEALs have been hit with many allegations over the last few years. One of the nation’s elite fighting forces has suffered from a perception problem. It will take hard work and time to restore and redeem the reputation. No matter how bad things are right now, we still value the Navy SEALs as among our nation’s finest military members. They will get their “mojo” back.

“I will not speculate as to the reasons why these service members made the poor decisions that they did, but I will say that the actions of a few are not reflective of the SEAL code or culture.” Cmdr Tamara Lawrence, spokeswoman, Naval Special Warfare Command

Navy Times

Featured photo: U.S. Navy photo/Oscar Sosa

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