SCU Activists Demand Firing of School Safety Official Because Pro-Police Emblem Visible on Zoom

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Santa Clara University – SCU activists demanded the firing of Assistant Director of Campus Safety John Thomas Loretto because a “Blue Lives Matter” emblem was visible during a zoom forum on October 28. They have labelled him a “racist” because of his pro-police stance. (Campus Reform)

SCU Activists and their Cancel Culture

“When students addressed the white supremacist icon, he unabashedly supported for the anti-Black symbol…Only Margaret Russell, a Black law professor, reacted and ensured students there would be a response to his action. Not a single other administrator supported her.” SCU activists statement

As usual, three administrators of the school itself apologized for Director Loretto’s emblem.

“We overestimated the ability of the invited administrators to create and maintain the safe spece necessary for bipoc students. SCU has committed to being an ‘anti-racist institution’ and, from the actions demonstrated last night, this is clearly not the case.” Student council

Since when does being pro-police constitute an “unsafe” place for students? We’ve written about “safe spaces” before, which in effect brings back segregation instead of equality. We appear to be going backwards instead of forward.

The Marxist narrative that is being perpetrated is wrong on every level.

“Santa Clara University College Republicans is firm in its support of our police officers and law enforcement. We are ashamed of the university for their response to this incident. It is regrettable that SCU is choosing to label supporters of police officers racists.” SCU college Republicans

Blue Lives Matter came about after police began to be attacked and killed just for being police. The Thin Blue Line flag was around for many years prior to show support for police. Neither are inherently racist.  Black Lives Matter, the organization is based on Marxism and has nothing whatsoever to do with social justice. Many Black police officers have been murdered and they were not “white supremacists.” Here’s a case in point:

If everyone would stop creating false narratives and work to remove the lies, society would thrive. Apparently, we are destined to become a third world nation instead.

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