Screaming Heckler Accosts Mitch McConnell

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Kentucky – Mitch McConnell was eating at a Louisville restaurant with his wife on Friday, when a heckler came into the establishment and began screaming at him.

Just prior to the video, the screaming man shouted that McConnell’s views were “killing people.” He also slammed his fists on the Senator’s table, grabbed McConnell’s doggy bag with the leftovers, and threw it outside.

“Why don’t you get out of here? Why don’t you leave the entire country?”  the heckler

As patrons told him to leave McConnell alone, and tried to shoo him out of the restaurant, eventually three patrons came up and ‘escorted’  him out.

Senator McConnell calmly sat sipping his drink and thanked his supporters after the incident. His wife, Elaine Chao, is the Transportation Secretary.

During the Kavanaugh hearings, the Senator was harassed as he walked through the airport. Then on the floor of the Senate he stated:

“We will not be intimidated by these people. There is no chance in the world that they’re going to scare us out of doing our duty.”

It has been said that our political opponents are not “evil.” But I submit to our readers that the protesters, and even much of the Democratic leadership are so driven by the dark side that they are unable to stop doing what they are doing. They are slaves to anger, hatred, and violence.

The Republicans are seizing on the chaos and have produced this ad:

Both sides are angry as tensions rise

On October 17,  Nancy Pelosi was accosted at a Miami restaurant by a group of Cuban-Americans who were angry about them campaigning with Barbara Lee, a Democrat who praised Castro at his death, according to the Miami Herald.

The Miami Cuban population is largely anti-Castro and there is a huge reason: The Communist regime from its inception were tyrannical murderers and oppressors of Cubans.

In general, Democrats want to be “inclusive” with Cuba. In general, Republicans want to leave the sanctions in place.  The protesters demanded to know why the Dems would align themselves with a Castro sympathizer. And that is a very good question.

As things continue to heat up, remember the old poem, “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…”



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