School Walkouts – Students Forced to Participate, Others Refused.

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Why did schools demand that their students become “social justice warriors” on March 14? Why did they do that especially when our nation’s educational system ranks a sad 14th in the world? And in literacy, we’re down at 24th. It’s an agenda that has nothing whatever to do with “standing for the students” at Parkland…it’s all about the guns.

The Daily Wire, and Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children received emails and messages from students all over the country saying that they were being pressured to march “for the Parkland students” or be suspended. They are being manipulated by liberals. And the schools should be ashmed of themselves. Here are a few of the messages we here at Uncle Sam’s received- there were too many to post in this article.

Will these children who refused to participate now be bullied? Will they be suspended? Will they be able to walk out in support of the 2nd Amendment (you know they won’t)? It’s a Communist/Socialist agenda that is designed to blame EVERYBODY for the acts of one person. The aim is disarmament, and they’ll use any tragedy to promote it.

Some of the students have reported to us that they are being FORCED to participate in the march today or be suspended. Many of the kids also  participated just to get out of the school for a while. It’s a photo op, a propaganda opportunity using our children. #Socialjusticefraud

People must PAY ATTENTION to the agendas of the government and liberals.

Featured photo – sent to usby students. They told us they had more people who didn’t get into the picture.

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