Schipol Airport Evacuated Due to Security Threat

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Schipol Airport Evacuated Due to Security Threat

Netherlands – Heavily armed and masked military police descended upon Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport after a report of a “suspicious” situation. They partially sealed off the airport, and evacuated passengers. One man was taken into custody.

schipol airport

Heavily armed military police cordoned off parts of schipol airport after a security scare

The police received a call around 2:22 p.m. about a suspicious man and a suspicious package.  Police immediately deployed and arrested the man.  The Bomb squad also deployed a robot to check out the package, and the facility was checked for any possible bombs.

Situation unclear

Explosives experts were brought in “as a precaution,” but the exact nature of the “suspicious situation” was unknown. Military police were searching the area where the buses come into the airport. Since nearly all of Europe is on high alert, “precaution” seemed necessary.

The shops were all evacuated, along with passengers in the area, and all were urged to “remain calm.” (That’s hard to do when people are running in every direction, many of whom could not get to their cars due to the police presence).  The lockdown did not affect incoming or outgoing flights, nor rail traffic to the airport, according to airport authorities.

It is unclear what the police found, if anything.

At 5:03 pm local time, the airport officials tweeted that all areas of the airport were accessible again.

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